Design Research in Practice and Pedagogy

Good Research is the foundation of a good idea and eventually brilliant design. However, Research as a practice is often overlooked in the field. As a practicing architect and an academician, Ar. Prof. Prasanna Desai has incorporated research into his design process at PDA and the pedagogy of the institute where he serves as a director, VIT's PVP College of Architecture. Ar. Amit Gupta is known to create sensitive and innovative designs through his firm, Studio Symbiosis, a result of his strong affinity towards research in the design process. Their insights into design research are backed by experience, strong developed intuition, and a rigorous research process.

Join us for a tete-a-tete with these eminent architects along with Ar. Gita Balakrishnan and a representative from NASA on 28th August, 11 AM!

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  • Date

    28th August 2021

  • Time

    11.00 AM IST

About Sense N Sensibility

Sense N Sensibility (SNS) is a lecture series by ACEDGE, to allow access to expert viewpoints, from across the globe. These experts would demonstrate, through their choices, experiments and lessons, multiple vantage points for developing and exploring design.  

Sense N Sensibility is about integration and the big picture. We seek to dishevel the older notions of compartmentalisation of knowledge and introduce learners across the country to collaborative and interdisciplinary studies. Many of our speakers are experts from varied fields- a mayor, a grassroots social worker who works towards community empowerment, an engineer working to resolve water-crisis, sustainability experts, social scientists, travellers, industrial entrepreneurs, and many others.

Our young designers need to have a holistic understanding of concepts, systems and processes. They should be sensitive and empathetic towards the needs of all strata of the society. They should learn to balance ecology and micro-environments on their sites. They should appreciate bottom-up planning proposals as well as participative processes. They should also understand the political scenario, be actively involved with the bureaucracy and suggest ways to improve central and local systems. We need our young designers to connect with one another, share ideas, have healthy discussions and passionately speak for their cause. Architecture and design will, thus, balance nature and culture. Young minds will learn to reflect upon ecology, archaeology, anthropology, psychology, aesthetics and technology to develop holistic solutions.

The inaugural lecture for the SNS series was delivered by Architect George Ferguson, Past President RIBA (2003/5) and first elected Mayor of Bristol UK (2012-16). On the other side of the globe, Architect Ferguson, fought for the rights of a neighbourhood to remain ‘mixed’, against the monoculture promoted by developers. 

The second lecture by Amit Pasricha celebrates the lesser-known built heritage of India and his Journey of the 'India- Lost and Found' Campaign.

The third lecture was by a Pritzker Jury member, André Aranha Corrêa do Lago, also Brazilian Ambassador to India. He spoke about Pritzker winning Laureates from the countries of India, Brazil and Japan.

The fourth lecture was by Ar. Rafiq Azam of SHATOTTO Architecture of Green Living on Phenomenal Practice and Thought-provoking Explorations on the field of Architecture and recent Urban Interventions.

The fifth lecture was by Ar. Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan's first female architect. She spoke on lowering the Carbon Footprint: Humanistic Architecture for Post-COVID-19 World.

The sixth lecture by Ar. Krishna Rao Jaisim and Ar Narendra Dengle iterated the relevance and applicability of the underlying concepts of the Gandhian philosophy.

The seventh lecture conducted by Ar. Shirish Beri talked about the importance of architecture in shaping human behaviour.

The eighth lecture by Ar. Prasanna Desai and Ar. Amit Gupta will elaborate on Design Research in Practice and Pedagogy.

Ar. Amit Gupta

Principal Architect, Studio Symbiosis | Delhi

Ar. Amit Gupta is an eminent name in the field of Architecture. Alumni of Architectural Association, London, he now runs a successful and innovative practice through his firm Studio Symbiosis in Noida. His work has been internationally recognized and has won several awards such as the Global Business Insights Award, Architecture and Interior Excellence Award amongst many others. He himself is the recipient of accolades such as the 40 under 40 award from Perspective Global. An avid innovator and creative researcher, he prides himself on creating designs that are relevant, distinct and well-researched.

Ar. Prasanna Desai

Principal Architect, PDA and Director, PVPCOA | Pune

Ar. Prasanna Desai is a practicing architect, urban designer and academician. With more than 30 years of experience, he has been actively involved in professional discourse in architecture. Through his firm, Prasanna Desai Architects (PDA), he has led numerous urban initiatives such as Streets for People in Pune where he designed public spaces with active participation from the people and users. Through the institute that he spearheads, Padmabhushan Vasantdada Patil College of Architecture, he aims to propagate a pedagogy that helps to create socially and environmentally conscious architects. A strong believer of contextual and sensitive design, he firmly stands by the the concept and execution of Design Research in Practice and Pedagogy.

Previous Speakers

SNS 3.0, 4.0, 5.0

André Aranha Corrêa do Lago

Brazilian Ambassador to India

André Corrêa do Lago is the Ambassador of Brazil to India and has served at the Brazilian Embassies in Japan, Madrid, Prague, Washington DC, Buenos Aires, and at the Mission to the European Union, in Brussels. Ambassador Corrêa do Lago, a recognised architectural critic, is also a distinguished author of several articles and books, including on the work of Oscar Niemeyer, Claudio Bernardes, and Paulo Jacobsen, and on Brazilian modern architecture. He was the curator of the Brazilian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014, and is the jury of architecture’s most prestigious award, the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Md. Rafiq Azam

Founder, SHATOTTO architecture for green living

Md. Rafiq Azam is one of the internationally acclaimed architects from Bangladesh practicing for the last 27 years and developed a remarkable style of his own. His practice name is “SHATOTTO architecture for green living” since May 1995. In 2004, Rafiq Azam participated in “Glenn Murcutt Master Class” and selected as one of the ten emerging designers of the world by “Urban Land”, USA in 2008. He has won a line of national and international awards for his architectural contribution.

Yasmeen Lari


Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan’s first female architect, is also a humanitarian and heritage conservationist. She graduated from Oxford Brookes University n 1963. She has built several landmark buildings in Pakistan and is considered among pioneers of Brutalist Architecture. After retiring in 2000 she is engaged in heritage management and humanitarian architecture. She is the founder of Barefoot Social Architecture and Barefoot Incubator for Social Good and Environmental Sustainability devised to empower marginalized sections of society. She is best known as a proponent of zero carbon footprint conceptions that are drawn from vernacular traditions and incorporate tenets of social and ecological justice. She is the recipient of Jane Drew Prize 2020, Fukuoka Prize 2016 and Pakistan national awards Hilal-i-Imtiaz (2014) and Sitara-i-Imtiaz (2006).

SNS 1.0 & 2.0

George Ferguson

Past President RIBA (2003/5) and first elected Mayor of Bristol UK (2012-16

George Ferguson secured Bristol’s status as European Green Capital 2015, as a founder member of Rockefeller 100 Resilient Cities and as a UNESCO Learning City. He has recently been appointed Bristol’s first International Ambassador. From his Bristol based practice Ferguson Mann Architects he founded the UK wide group of architects, Acanthus, in 1986. He was also a founder of the Academy of Urbanism during his presidency of the Royal Institute of British Architects. In the 90’s he developed the ‘Tobacco Factory’, a multi-use project, catalyst for the regeneration of South Bristol and a model for culture led city regeneration. He is also a restaurateur, brewer and social entrepreneur. He has an international profile as an advocate for liveable cities and the global environment and has represented the European Commission, Eurocities, ICLEI, including at Paris COP21 and at the G7 2016 summit in Japan.

Amit Pasricha


Amit Pasricha is one of the world’s celebrated panoramic photographers. He is well published and believes that photography, as the most powerful modern language of today, must be used to draw attention to those aspects that stand neglected. Amit Pasricha’s lens looks at India the way few others do. One of the foremost panoramic photographers in the country, he uses a technique that stitches together multiple images to create a single image that is far larger or wider than a camera can capture, or indeed the human eye can take in at a glance. A third-generation photographer, Pasricha, 51, has worked on several projects that have been turned into highly acclaimed coffee-table books. They include India at Home, a fascinating account of people from across India captured in their homes, and The Sacred India Book, which examines the role of religion in everyday life, all shot in his signature panoramic style.

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