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Support for Gate exams on Architecture and Planning

GATE exam (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a computer-based standardized test conducted at the national level in India with an aim to examine the understanding of various engineering and science undergraduate subjects. GATE score enables students to gain admission to various prestigious Postgraduate programs in IITs, IISc, SPAs, NITs, etc. It also helps in acquiring jobs through PSU.

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A format which works similar to GATE

  • By the Clock

    Choose if you would want to take the test as a time-bound test or one without time restrictions

  • Half and Full Tests

    Take half tests for practice and once you are confident take full tests.

  • Solutions and Explanations

    We don't just offer the Answer-key but the explanation to wrong answers as well.

Salient Features of ACEGATE

  • Small notes for each category

  • Topic-wise learner analysis (Coming soon)

  • Mock tests may be followed by interaction with experts through the advantage package (Coming soon).