Site Planning

Fundamental of Site Planning with Basics of Computational tools

This is a bundle of two courses focusing on appropriating natural factors for Site Planning. Site planning is one of the most important steps which leads to an architectural intervention which is sensitive and rooted to the context. However site planning is not such a simple process but involves a thorough understanding of multiple aspects/layers and an overlap of these understandings. The broader layers in the process of site planning are site analysis,understanding the user and understanding the design brief. Each of these topics when studied in detail gives clues to the best possible solution in terms of site planning This course deals with the broader understanding of the aspect of natural layers which forms an integral part of site analysis and thus site planning. With the rapid rate of urbanization any intervention done by us needs to have a thorough understanding of how to sensitively deal with the natural layers of and around the site. This course is an attempt to do so to find clues to reach a sensitive design intervention.
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Site Planning and Natural Factors

Fundamentals simplified by

  • Devayani Deshmukh Upasani

    Devayani Deshmukh Upasani

    Senior Instructor

    Devayani Deshmukh Upasani is a landscape architect based in Mumbai. She practices as a consultant landscape architect with Urban Design Cell Mumbai and is also a visiting faculty at a few premier Graduated and Post Graduate Architecture courses in the city. She also conducts Landscape workshops across the city and has been actively involved with various public programs, events, seminars intending to spread awareness regarding the profession to the larger public .

Computational tools for Environmental Analysis

mentored by

  • Anurag Biswas

    Anurag Biswas

    Lead Instructor

    Anurag has done Masters in Building Engineering and Management from SPA Delhi and Bachelors in Architecture from IIEST Shibpur. His core competency lies in the use of Advanced Computational Technologies in designing Sustainable Built Environment. He is working at the intersections between Design, Data, and Sustainability. He has expertise in the field of design optimization, energy, and daylight analysis. He has been involved in various R&D projects in the field of environmental analysis and building performance. As a Green Building Consultant in Environmental Design Solutions, he has worked in many prestigious projects like Qatar Museum, Altmeyer Renovation Project, IIT Kanpur, etc.

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