What is ACEDGE?

An Ethos offering

ACEDGE is an offering from Ethos towards ensuring that architects and designers of this country’s destiny are better-equipped to face the challenges of an ever-changing AEC industry. Manifesting as an online education platform for learners in the field of architecture, design and construction, ACEDGE seeks to bring to the fore, the basic human values that are needed to be a full-fledged human being; a decent, productive citizen of this country; a responsible and creative professional contributing positively to society. ACEDGE is the medium through which we guide and nurture young minds with care and attention.
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What is ACEDGE?


The gaps that we are trying to fill

  • Keeping pace with changing times

    In the AEC industry, continuous change is the only constant. Our courses are updated according to the latest technology and theory.

  • Need for diverse skills

    The industry needs diverse sets of skills. Explore the non-stereotypical skills shared by our mentors and excel in what makes you unique!

  • Providing exposure

    Not bound by real, geographic limitation, this online platform can connect you with ideas and people across the globe!

  • Best-in-class mentors

    Teaching is not about giving information; our mentors nurture you to have the right values as they share their wisdom.

  • Real world learning

    Sometimes a syllabus is saddled with content that is irrelevant and non-contextual. At ACEDGE we aim to prepare students for real life situations.

  • Industry readiness

    India is a vast country with a huge scope and market for infrastructure and development. Join us if you wish to be an industry-ready Architect, who adds value to the edifices of our nation.

  • Equal opportunities to succeed

    An online platform democratises the process of learning. There are no baggages. Your marks don’t matter, your location does not matter, what matters is your interest and desire to learn and excel.


The core team

  • Gita  Balakrishnan

    Gita Balakrishnan

    Founder & Curator, Ethos

    An architect who sidestepped the profession to pursue her dreams of enabling and empowering young minds, Gita is the head and hands behind Ethos and ACEDGE. She passionately works with youngsters to enable them to find their full potential.
  • Nikita Verma

    Nikita Verma


    Nikita is a graduate in architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and post-graduate with Masters in Urban Studies from the Bauhaus University, Germany. She has been working in the architecture and urbanism field for four years now, currently working on research projects related to sustainable urban development, urban climate resilience and an architect specializing in hill side built environments. She has worked in India, Germany, Slovenia, Spain and Russia on projects across the globe with inter-disciplinary teams and multinational organizations.


  • Sonam Ambe

    Sonam Ambe

    The Enabler at ACEDGE

    An architect with a strong academic backing, Sonam brings to life the courses and learning paths at ACEDGE. A teacher par excellence, she brings with her a very cheerful spirit and an intent learner's curiosity. She aspires to contribute to the space of architectural education through pursuits of her passions of writing and research.
  • Abhishek  Behera

    Abhishek Behera

    Subject Expert and Mentor

    Abhishek is a planner, urban designer, and architect who specializes on the integration of the public realm with the urban built environment. Over the last 12 years, he has worked in four countries and has gathered experience in the design and revitalization of waterfronts, streets, and transit corridors as assets of the community and tools for improving quality of life. He brings a unique experience of understanding the local community and culture, and integrating these elements into planning and design. Abhishek received his undergraduate degree in Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi, India; and his Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning with a specialization in Transportation and Land Use from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is currently working as an Urban Planner + Designer at Perez Planning + Design, LLC in Atlanta, USA.
  • Shailesh Gupta

    Shailesh Gupta


    Shailesh is a story-reaper who is perpetually immersing himself in vibrant scenarios for discovering the unique perspective to look at the world. As “Oscar Wilde” suggests Shailesh is thriving to be “verb” & restraining from “common noun” labels. Being a generalist gives him an edge to generate plethora of ideas and stay constantly creative. He shifts role as an architect, children’s book illustrator, blogger or activist.


  • Vrinda Vijayarajan

    Vrinda Vijayarajan

    The Motivator at ACEDGE

    An architect by education, Vrinda feels strongly about the role that education plays in creating our reality. At ACEDGE, she explores and shapes alternate learning opportunities. She is constantly seeking ways of working towards a just and equitable collective future.
  • Rasya Kumar

    Rasya Kumar


    Rasya Kumar is a recent graduate with a master's degree in Resilient and Sustainable Strategies in Architecture from KU Leuven, Belgium. Prior to this, she has worked for 3 years in India after completing her Bachelor's degree in Pune. Her approach towards architecture and design has always been minimal and in fact questions, the very need to build, which works in contradiction with her qualifications. During her studies in Belgium, with a primary intent to understand the perception of sustainability across the world. She learnt from her teachers and peers coming from over 20 different countries and would love to share her experiences with those looking forward to studying abroad.
  • Vidhya  Gopal

    Vidhya Gopal

    The Catalyst at Ethos Events

    A professional singer and an architect by education, Vidhya spearheads Ethos Events. Music being the core of her being, she sets the tune for quizzes, competitions and other flagship events at Ethos. She is currently exploring her passions for singing while shaping the course of core activities here at Ethos.

Past supports

  • Mohammed Hisham

    Mohammed Hisham

    Graphic Designer

    A mechanical engineer by education, Hisham is changing gears to explore his artistic self as the graphic and web designer here at ACEDGE. A fantastic team player, this young and committed millennial has his eyes set on seriously pursuing a career in design and web development.

Our heart-felt and sincere gratitude to...

Naresh Narasimhan, Giri Balasubramaniam, Shravan K, John and Devaki, Balakrishnan, MK Sunil, Rajarshi Ray, Saagar Tulshan, Arun Karthik, Sneha Jaiswal and Abhilash P, Sreedhar Volety, Rasya Kumar, Panna Dutta Chowdhury, Soura Bhattacharyya, Prasanna Ponkshe, Susenjit Chanda, Poonam Chauhan, Arjun Bhattacharya, Jignesh Jain, Aravind K P V, Mohan M, Bhaskar Rao, Luvieen Alva, our mentors and our dear volunteers who are the backbone of all activities at ACEDGE! Thank you all!