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An E-Learning platform focusing on the South Asian trends in Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Design

ACEDGE is an offering from Ethos towards ensuring that architects and designers of this country’s destiny are better-equipped to face the challenges of an ever-changing ACED industry. Manifesting as an online education platform for learners in the field of architecture, design and construction, ACEDGE seeks to bring to the fore, the basic human values that are needed to be a full-fledged human being; a decent, productive citizen of this country; a responsible and creative professional contributing positively to society. ACEDGE is the medium through which we guide and nurture young minds with care and attention.

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What's on offer at ACEDGE?

Multiple learning paths to self discovery on ACEDGE. Use these offerings to upskill and learn more about your field of interest.


    An expert-led problem-solving design exercise. Learn first-hand from mentors and peers from all around the world. Studios are involvement-intensive and usually run for 6 to 8 weeks.


    On-demand lectures on various topics by experts. Enables self-discovery of interests. Each spotlight is spread over a couple of weeks with an hour long webinar each week.

  • AMA

    An 'Ask-Me-Anything' format to ask a topic expert questions about the topic of their expertise. The question is used as the basic tool for discovery here. AMA sessions are typically 40 mins to an hour long.


    Bring a renowned Architect/Mentor/Firm directly into your college studio and discuss design online! This is an digital one-on-one mentoring opportunity for students.


    If any Institution feels their pedagogical aspirations are clipped down because of non-availability of local experts, you can have access to national and international experts at affordable prices.


    We offer credit-based electives for universities with choice based credit system. The electives are available with 1/2/3 credit scores based on University requirements.

Since its inception in August 2018, ACEDGE has facilitated more than 

200+ courses or events, 

90+  live studios, 

25+ Ask-Me-Anything sessions, 

85+ self-paced courses, 

30+ college electives, 

55+   assisted and collaborative studios 

We have hosted our lectures to colleges of architecture in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan,  Bangladesh and Dubai. Mentors have joined us from all parts of India as well as from Bristol, Queensland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Cambridge and Toronto and we have 35000+   unique learners exploring their strengths and weaknesses to bolster their understanding of design processes. 

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What they are saying...

"Friends, use this opportunity and enjoy learning." Watch the video.

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Founder CCBA Designs, Pune.

"ACEDGE plays an extremely critical role in bridging this gap (between theory and practice)". Watch the video.

Ar. Ravi Sarangan, Director at Edifice, Mumbai.