ACEDGE from Ethos.

Engaged for over 15 years in various events mainly involving students of architecture and civil engineering, Ethos has taken this bold, new step of venturing into a space that has been largely left as a void in this country so far- watch the video for more. Being as good as we are at building bridges and working towards positive change, ACEDGE is the medium through which we guide and nurture young minds with care and attention.

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What's on offer at ACEDGE?

Multiple learning paths to self discovery


    An expert-led problem-solving design exercise. Learn first-hand from mentors and peers from all around the world. Studios are involvement-intensive and usually run for 6 to 8 weeks.


    On-demand lectures on various topics by experts. Enables self-discovery of interests. Each spotlight is spread over a couple of weeks with an hour long webinar each week.

  • AMA

    An 'Ask-Me-Anything' format to ask a topic expert questions about the topic of their expertise. The question is used as the basic tool for discovery here. AMA sessions are typically 40 mins to an hour long.

Watch Intro Video

Padmashri C N Raghavendran

"I wish I had this (ACEDGE) when I was a student! It is a wonderful initiative."

What they are saying...

"Friends, use this opportunity and enjoy learning." Watch the video.

Prof. Christopher Benninger, Founder CCBA Designs, Pune.

"ACEDGE plays an extremely critical role in bridging this gap (between theory and practice)". Watch the video.

Ar. Ravi Sarangan, Director at Edifice, Mumbai.