Make sensitive design the norm

Design for all

Architects don't just design structures, they build spaces for people and ideas. As a mirror to society, architecture should be more sensitive and inclusive. Sustainable and sensitive design should not remain a concept or a novel idea, but should instead be intrinsic to architectural design. Through this module, learn, internalize and understand inclusivity and gender-sensitivity, paving the way for better design.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Universal Design

    • Chapter 1: Inclusive Design

    • Chapter 2: Universal Design Principles

    • Chapter 3: Gender Specific Design and Planning

    • In Conversation

    • Spaces that empower you: Read more to know more

  • 2

    Public Spaces

    • Chapter 1: Public Planning and Inequality

    • Chapter 2: Gendered Spaces

    • Chapter 3: Why Loiter movement

    • Chapter 4: Potty Parity regulations across the world

    • Lecture: Women in Slums & shunned Activity - Toilet calculations from potty parity

  • 3

    Gender Neutrality in Architectural Practices

    • Gender Neutral Architectural Practices

    • Women architects and site conditions

    • Women in the Construction Industry- Builders and Contractors

What will this course help you do?

  • Understand

    Know more about design processes that enable. Identify the shortcomings of design and how to mitigate them

  • Analyze

    Analyze your own context, thought processes and methodologies and how you can apply the knowledge you have gained

  • Build

    Design and build more sensitive and inclusive architecture

Why should you take this course?

Through Know Your Rights, you have came to know about problems, provisions and laws. Through this course, understand what you, as a designer can do about it.

  • You want to design for the people

  • You want to create better spaces for everyone

  • You want to learn more about universal design and inclusive design


  • I am a novice into the field of architecture, and I am still learning about design. Should I still take up this course?

    This is the perfect time for you to enrol! Learn about and include sensitive design practices in your thought processes from the get-go. The course employs simple, easy-to-understand language and basics of architecture, to make it accessible and understandable to anyone who wishes to learn.

  • Will this course include technical, legal and tangible solutions to problems such as bylaws, standards and more?


Designers Know Your Duty II

Live studio with Michael Foley of Foley Design Studio

Join this live collaborative studio and know more about how designers can make a strong impact on the world around us. More details coming soon!

Be an active part of the journey!

Observation is good, Participation is better.

While a lot of students will be able to watch and observe the live session with Michael Foley of Foley Design Studio, we are giving a few the chance to interact and be a part of an engaging discussion on gender neutrality and inclusive design! Fill up the google form linked below and tell us why you want to be a part of this initiative, and you can be on this side of the conversation. Limited seats available, so fill it up now!