Let's play while we learn and then play more! As promised, we will make learning fun. Just solve the Riddles that we put up, collect points & learn as you earn (points)! It's simple as that.


What design change would you do for this couple to meet?


Name this game where you extract raw materials & build structures!


If you were starting your art practice, arrange these tasks chronologically!


What's the name of this newly launched book?


What typology does this represent?


Solve this word puzzle! A statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event.


Name this Institutional Building!


What is this overhang used for protection against sun and rains called?


Name this project & the practice!


Name the Architect who designed this building!


2001 earthquake led to the formation of this community centric NGO


Name this project & the practice who designed it!


Name this NGO based in Bhuj, Kutch


Who developed the master plan of Auroville?


Can you guess this place with mangrove habitat in West-Bengal?


Can you guess what ACED stands for?


Can you guess what this drawing is called in Architecture?


Can you guess this famous American TV series which is also a building typology?


A father & a son were in a car accident, where the father died. The ambulance brought the son to the hospital, he needed immediate surgery. In the operating room, the doctor came & looked at the boy & said, "I can't operate on him, he's my son". How is that possible?


Can you guess this project & the practice?


Can you guess what this diagram represents?


Can you guess this project & the practice?


Can you guess the name of this moving structure?


Can you guess the first modern building of India?


Can you crack this question asked in one of the GATE examinations?


Can you guess how we could bring equality through design in the given situation?


Can you guess this book? It contains your first independent project, your own dream/solution for your own theme/problem statement, and your passport to a professional future.


Can you guess the Architectural element here? A structure where the Disney character Rapunzel was kept.

Practice #8

Can you guess the Architect who designed this project? Located in the Sahyadri Mountains this Institute is one of the twelve campuses worldwide, led by Nelson Mandela.

Practice #7

Can you guess the Architect who designed this Hotel? An Ecologically Sustainable and Contextual Resort. The project is situated in the midst of one of the holiest Buddhist sites, the very location where Buddha received enlightenment.

Practice #6

Can you guess the Architect who designed this Community park in Bangladesh? The Architect has been working towards green living for many years and he designs with nature and communities.

Practice #5

Can you solve this question asked in one of the GATE exams?

Practice #4

Can you guess the Architect who designed this mystery structure? A part of human hygiene, this structure was considered very lowly in the olden days & plays a critical role in the history of human civilization that cannot be isolated.

Practice #3

Can you guess the name of the artist who said ' Colours convey emotions and have the power to change moods"? This Bauhaus artist strongly believes that artistic experiences are all about feelings & different colors influence one's mood. He is also known for hearing the sound of color- Synesthesia!

Practice #2

Can you guess the name of this unique sensory park for children? This Children's park in Chennai enhances the element of play by touch. It might not be a popular landmark, an architectural marvel built by a star architect, but it is designed for all!

Practice #1

We are sure you can guess the famous design philosophy prompted in the image. Your question for today is, 'Which Indian politician and social reformer also believed in the power of simplicity?' This social reformer and Meis van der Rohe showcased their individual philosophy around the same time to the world - one in the field of architecture and the other as a way of life!