Design and execution of a project is like a complex symphony – it takes a whole orchestra of professionals and stakeholders- clients, consultants, contractors, vendors, artisans and workers, playing in unison and harmony to put it together. At times, one instrument is heard louder than the others, but without each one playing their part, the symphony will be incomplete.

Hotel at Bodhgaya

The making of one recent project, the Hotel at Bodhgaya, the place where Buddha attained enlightenment, was a typical journey with highs and lows for SJK Architects. Here, the energy of collaboration helped fulfil a shared vision of a lyrical design that drew from ‘memory’ of the rich historical architecture of the place and ‘emotions’ of simplicity, compassion and serenity of Buddhism, to meet the practical demands of a hotel.

To hold all players together so that they understand and transmit a unified vision is the role of a conductor in an orchestra, and this role is key and pivotal to the success of a symphony. In the making of a building, the big dilemma often is- who plays this pivotal role of holding the collaborators together- should it be the owner, the project manager, the architect or the consultants, that often leads to blurring of edges and scopes. 

Bhavin Patel’s blog, humorous and experiential, based on his time as part of our team designing and building the JSW Hospital, discusses this important issue with interesting parallels from Hindi cinema. Click on the image below to check out the blog.

About the speakers

Shimul Javeri Kadri

Principal Architect, SJK Architects

Shimul Javeri Kadri founded and nurtured SJK Architects towards its current avatar as a firm that values culture and climate and builds gently in the context. The firm has won several awards nationally and internationally including the World Architecture Festival Award for the Nirvana Films Building in Bangalore and the Prix Versailles Award for the Dasavatara Hotel in Tirupati. She pursues several causes - building naturally and lightly and supporting equality through education and feminism. She is a Trustee for Save the Children India and for Akshara, where she has been actively steering education and woman-oriented projects. She is also on the Advisory Committee on Gender for the MCGM. The added responsibilities as an occasional writer, jurist, speaker and teacher are the outcome of her overwhelming desire to present, engage and discuss her passions and concerns of 30 years of practice!

Vaishali Shankar

Design Director, SJK Archtiects

Vaishali joined the firm in Oct’ 2000, soon after a research programme at IIT-Mumbai on sustainable architecture, a subject that she is deeply passionate about, and believes that ‘Architecture, like Man (and Woman!), must gently tread the Earth, for the Earth endures’. A strong pillar of the organization, the success and learnings from executing a wide array of projects at SJK has allowed her to hone her interest and skill at energy-conscious architecture. Vaishali leads by example. Her strong technical skills and her drive for perfection are a significant part of the DNA of SJK Architects. A great believer in ‘you are only as good as your team’, she strives to bring out the best in people she works with, believing deeply in the synergy of collaborations capable of producing wonderful innovations and lasting satisfaction!

Roshni Kshirsagar

Design Director, SJK Archtiects

Roshni has had a wide range of experience handling various hospitality, retail, commercial and residential projects. Large or small she enjoys the design process inherent to SJK Architects which encourages a harmonious and seamless flow of Interior design with Architecture. With the belief that good design isn't a result of one great idea but a series of small ones brought together, she adds her systems driven and organisational traits to her projects. Roshni heads Interior design and has been learning and growing with the firm since 2007.

Bhavin Patel

Senior Architect, SJK Architects

Bhavin graduated from Sir J.J college of architecture in 2013. Backed with 3 years of experience at Christopher Charles Benninger Architects, he joined SJK Architects in March 2016. Till date, Bhavin has worked on a wide range of projects from weekend houses in climatically diverse contexts of Alibaug and Latur, to an upscale residential building in Chennai and presently is working on a Rural Hospital in Alibaug. Bhavin's approach to work is a reflection of his personality -simple, clear and uncomplicated. He finds joy in the most mundane to the most challenging activities and thoughtfully contributes and innovates towards every minute detail. It is this attitude that has helped him carve a niche for himself in SJK architects. Bhavin finds immense inspiration in music and he strongly believes that a happy mood combined with good music could lead to better designs. Being less of a reader and more of an observer, he tends to learn from everything around him.