A Motion Graphic Novel with Engaging Narratives on Architecture

Whether you want to pursue Architecture as a career or you are just curious about buildings, this learning engagement is just for you!

Why should you enroll into this course?

  • You want to become an Architect.

  • You would like to explore Architecture as a career.

  • You are just plain curious and would like to know more about the field of Archtiecture.

Curious about Buildings?

Register now for a 10-Webisode & 1-Webinar Series introducing you to the Universe of Architecture

The course aims to introduce Architecture through 10 animated webisodes, multiple activities and engaging quizzes. Whether you want to be an Architect or just familiarise yourself with buildings and the people who make them, this course is for you. Let's find answers to many of our questions such as- how Architects THINK? How do Architects COMMUNICATE? How do you BECOME an Architect?


A Graphical Novel

The story of three friends who have broken the shackles of time and are engaging with timeless architecture across centuries. The learning module communicates concepts in Architecture in a graphical, narrative with a storytelling approach in the form of a motion graphic novel. The course uses fun medium of quizzes and trivia when introducing students to Architecture and Architects around the World and in India.

Universe of Architecture!

Ceda hovers inside a home-pod capsule in the floating city of Svadha, era 3050 AD. Deca perches on the floor of her verandah outside her traditional home in Thiruvananthapuram, era 1880 AD. Theos cycles around a garden surrounded by high rise towers in Mumbai, era 2020 AD. Suddenly dark clouds gather with red and pink hues forming luminescent ribbons across the sky. A bolt of lightning surges through and the three of them pause, and raise their heads to watch the drama unfold. Little did they know that at that exact moment the universe had become free from the shackles of time, timeless. What happens next? Join them as they unfold the Universe of Architecture!

Course Benefits

  • E- Certification

    Earn a Certificate upon completion

  • Graphic Novel

    Learn concepts of Architecture in a graphical storytelling approach

  • Self-Paced

    Set your own pace and start learning any time, from anywhere in the world.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    15 Dec: Knowledge (Part 1)- Understanding the Universe of Architecture

    • Webisode 1: Birth of CeDeThe- the Seeker

    • Webisode 2: Darwin’s theory, but for Architecture!

    • Webisode 3: Scale Up, Scale Down

  • 2

    15 Jan: Knowledge (Part 2)- Building Blocks

    • Webisode 4: The Tale of the 5 Elements

    • Webisode 5: Understanding Materials and Building

    • Webisode 6: Design for ALL!

  • 3

    15 Feb: Skills- Tools for Engaging with the Universe of Architecture

    • Webisode 7: Shape of You! Making sense of shapes, geometry and scale

    • Webisode 8: Architecture in Everything! Allied connections to Architecture.

    • Test your Archumen! Trivia about Famous buildings

  • 4

    15 March: Attitude- Shaping Perceptions towards Building a Journey in the Universe of Architecture

    • Webisode 9: A day in the Life of an Architect!

    • NATA Mock Tests

    • Ask me Anything! All you want to know about Architecture School!