Course Brief

Message from Ar. Ankon Mitra

I am very excited to be conducting a course on an online webinar platform. With my past teaching experience, in where I have taught students and helped in their thesis via Skype - I believe the education of the future will be on-demand, at convenience and almost completely available online, in byte-sized packets of knowledge, skills and wisdom. 

I am an artist-architect and my practice is called Hexagramm Design. My day job is that of a landscape designer and architect. I fell in love with folding techniques in 2008 and that has now grown into a fully blooming love-affair of epic proportions, and a major vertical in the studio. The practice creates art for national and international spaces, projects and events and the art team also comprises architects, designers and technicians dedicated to the folding technique. 

I wanted to spread this love of folding amongst architecture, art and design students and started teaching at NID, IITs and other colleges in India and abroad via short workshop formats from 2011 onwards. 

I hope all of you participants will engage in every session with passion, and immerse yourselves in this journey, without hesitation or self-doubt. A small start is all it takes to break the barriers of varied limitations and time.

- Ar. Ankon Mitra


Course Outcomes

  • Attitude

    Know whom to meet? How to create a brand? How to sell your art? and What it takes to become a successful artist?

  • Knowledge

    Understand the Artist within you. Learn about your medium. What are the different career options in Art? How can Art be a second / parallel career? Where to begin? What to do? How to hone one’s skills and stand out from the crowd

  • Skills

    Learn how to plan, to chalk out medium terms goals and how to get there. Get Checklists to work with.

Who should take this course?

Anybody inquisitive to learn about the world of art, can join the course..

  • Students who have an artist hidden within them or have a passion for the same, waiting to be ignited.

  • Interior Designers / 3 Year- Diploma-Holders / Crafts-persons and Artisans

  • Early or Mid-career architects / designers who already have some clarity about their medium and technique of artistic practice, but need inputs to begin converting a hobby into a second profession.

  • Architects / Designers who want to bring a significant element of art into their design/architectural practice and are looking for strategies/methods/ collaborations to be able to do this.

  • Architects already working as Artists in India who seek to take their work to an International audience

Course Benefits

  • Set your own pace and start learning any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Earn a Certificate upon completion

  • Course Videos, Readings and Graded Assignments with feedback

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Course Curriculum

The entire course is divided into 8 modules. Every module is divided into multiple short lectures of 7-15 minutes. Modules consist of assignments, MCQs, additional resources and interactive material that will enrich the student’s learning experience. 

  • Module 1: The Man and the Brand
  • Module 2: The Art Checklist
  • Module 3: Evolving an Art Practice
  • Module 4: Art and Artists
  • Module 5: The Art Market
  • Module 6: Guest Speakers
  • Module 7: What to do once you are done making Art?
  • Module 8: How to exhibit and price your work?

Course Mentor

Ar. Ankon Mitra

Architect, Director (Landscape and Art Installations) Hexagramm Design

Ankon Mitra is an architect, landscape designer and pioneer of Origami in India. He is Director (Landscape and Art Installations) at Hexagramm Design Pvt. Ltd., based in New Delhi. Through the initiative - Oritecture, his Studio has taken the art and craft of Origami to materials well beyond paper. He has taught Origami Architectonics and its applications at I.I.Ts, N.I.D, N.I.F.Ts, S.P.As in India and a number of colleges abroad. 

Recipient of the All-India Gold Medal for Sculpture in 2018, he has shown his work at exhibitions in India, Italy, U.K and Singapore. He counts among his clientele the current Finance Minister of India,Toyota Lexus, the APL Apollo Group, Hotel St. Regis and the Emami Foundation. A member of the British Origami Society, Origami USA, the Sculpture Network in Europe and the Paper Artist's Collective Worldwide, he has spoken at TEDx events and is currently developing programs to incorporate folding as a hands-on learning tool in schools and colleges all over India. 

Course Collaborators

Wu Wai Chung

Wai Chung, founder of SOTI Design Studio, multi-disciplinary practice that focuses on innovative projects.  is an international artist based in Hong Kong. Her award-winning sculptures and public art projects include : “The Energy Flow” and “No More Message.” She has exhibited her artworks in Moscow, Nice, Ghana, and Shanghai.

Rahul Kumar