Remember the Girl Rapunzel --- the one with very long hair? Has anybody ever wondered, would she have those, if she wasn't captivated in a tower but an underground dungeon or well? 

This would change the narrative, making Architecture the backbone of every great story.

Building Stories is a specially curated course for the young and uninitiated in architecture. Here we will explore using popular stories as cues to what happens in architecture when people, place, prose meet.  

The course comes with an added bonus – a journey through The Little Book of Architecture by Harshada Shintre and Y.D. Pitkar, the much-loved Professor of Architecture from India. Take part in this story of four friends and discover the architectural elements surrounding them.

  • Reality & Fantasy

    Popular Stories introduces architecture linking it to real life

  • Interactive Approach

    The modules are not just lectures but explorative dialogues tailored for a young curious mind

  • Develop Ideas

    Flexible choice of task with different degree of difficulty allows you to develop your own ideas

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Hello!!

    • The Story of Elements of Architecture - The Little Book of Architecture

  • 2

    Rapunzel and the Journey of Towers

    • The Story of Towers

    • Let's Rescue Rapunzel !!

  • 3

    Visiting Homes

    • Living Through Time

    • Designing Hari Poddar's Travel

  • 4

    Architecture After Life

    • Taj Mahal,Pyramids, same. Not the Same!

    • Taj Mahal in 2320 CE

  • 5

    Balconies from War to Love

    • The Future of our Stories

    • Your Story, Your Architecture!

  • 6

    Explore the Universe of Architecture

    • The world of Ceda, Deca and Theos

Course Outcomes

  • Familiarize children with the concept of Architecture as a platform for life to unfold

  • Understand how Architecture and built environment is interlinked with culture, social, climate, geography.

  • Know what all comprises as architecture

  • Task invokes Architectural imagination in Children

Who should take this Course

  • Young children who love stories

  • Young children fascinated by history and buildings.

  • Young children who wants to know more about how people, place and architecture are related

  • Anybody who is curious about the stories and architecture