Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Ace the Typology!

    • SPOT(the)LIGHT in ME before beginning the course

  • 2

    Case Studies on Office Buildings

    • Secret Sauce for Office Designs by Ravi Sarangan, Founder Ediffice, India

    • Alex Jacob on Office designs

    • Bimal Khachroo on Office Designs

  • 3

    Is this for your thesis? Learn from scratch with Dr Harimohan Pillai

    • Introduction to thesis

    • Let us Interact

  • 4

    Holistic Processes in Design

    • Sanjay Mohe, founder Mindspace on Ways of Seeing

    • Dissecting a Master Plan with Ashutosh Jha, Gensler Bangalore

    • Simplifying Site Planning with Devayani Upasni, Principal Advisor, UDC, Mumbai

    • In search of an Experience and Concepts with Mahesh Radhakrishnan, Founder MOAD.

    • Power of People-Centric Designs with Sonam Ambe, Chief-in-Pedagogy at Acedge

    • Story telling and visual communication in design with Palinda Kannangara, PKA, Sri Lanka

  • 5

    Detailing your Thesis

    • Detail your thesis

    • Speak through your Work with Rashni Pariccha

Learning outcomes

This learning journey brings to you ideas and insights from some masters in the Indian Architectural Scenario. Understanding how to do an architectural project from making a brief for client, to complete architectural and technical representation ready for execution in a step by step manner. Meticulous architectural representation is the most important deliverable for successful implementation of an architectural project. Methodology involves three stages of understanding, selection of topic and appropriate site, architectural programming and architectural representation in complete detail including structure, services and costing.

  • Equip to design from scratch like in a Thesis

  • Comprehend the path for an integrated design

  • Practical Insights from experts

  • Professional project presentation as a practical solution

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