About Glass Academy's Enlightened Spaces Webinar

Glass Academy's Enlightened Spaces is a monthly webinar facilitated by ACEDGE. The monthly theme of these webinars will look at different architectural typologies which relate to the days of celebrations and focuses on well-being.

January - World Family Literacy Day
In January, we celebrated World Family Literacy Day on 27th Jan with Architect Shantanu Poredi who talked about designs of Educational Institutions and shared MO I OF's award-winning design of SPA, Vijaywada.

February - World Social Justice Day
We were joined by Ar. Srinivas Murthy on 20th February to celebrate World Day of Social Justice where he talked about the Realm of Public Institutions and Spaces as the soul of the built environment.

March - World Theatre Day
Celebrating World Theatre Day in March we were joined by Ar. Ayan Sen and Ar. Anubha Fatehpuria.

Ar. Ayan Sen shared his insights on Functional, Aesthetic, and Sensorial aspects of Auditorium Design. While Ar. Anubha Fatepuria took us through a brief understanding of designing of today's theatres from her experience as an architect as well as theatre actor.

April - World Day of Safety and Health at Work
In April, we celebrated World Day of Safety and Health at Work with Ar. Alex Jacob and Ar. Bimal Kachroo who took us through the Design of Offices from experiences of projects from their own Practices.

May - World Day of Cultural Diversity 
We celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity in May with Ar. Nandan Malani and Ar. Purva Shah from 'Cause – an initiative', a Nashik-based social architectural firm, who shared their thoughts on Museums and Landscapes in Historic sites. The second talk if the month is by Ar. Moulshri Joshi, founding partner of award-winning design practice Space Matters, New Delhi on Industrial Heritage Museums.

June - World Environment Day
In June, we celebrate World Environment Day with Ar. Sriram Ganapathi from KSM Architecture, Chennai who talked about Climate Sensitive and Ar. Vinita Kaur Chiragia from Studio Design Jatra who talked on Vernacular Architecture.

July - World Hepatitis Day
In July, we are looking into the typology of Hospitals in awareness of World Hepatitis Day with Ar. Nandini Bazaz who shared her experience in Hospital Design and Ar. Shamit Manchanda who talked about Infrastructure Development of Healthcare sector.

August - World Humanitarian Day
In August, we celebrated World Humanitarian Day with Ar. Vidhya Mohankumar and Ar. Hemant Mahajan who spoke about People Oriented Design of Cities and Townships.

October - World Tourism Day and World Cities Day
In October, World Tourism Day was celebrated with Ar. Nanda Kumar and Ar. Gyanendra Singh Shekhawat as they talked about the Hotel and Recreational Spaces. 'World Cities Day' is being celebrated with Ar. Balaji Balaganesan and Ar. Chidambaram N with their session on 'Climate Change Resilient Cities' and with Ar. Ashutosh Jha on 'Dissecting a Master Plan Project'

November - World Toilet Day
World Toilet Day was celebrated in November. Ar Rohan Chavan gave a talk on 'People-Objects-Environment' while Ar. Pratima Joshi's session focused on 'Data Driven Sanitation for Urban Poor'

December - International Civil Aviation Day
International Civil Aviation Day will be celebrated in Delhi. Prof Charanjit Shah will give a talk on ‘Sustainability in Mega Infrastructure Projects’ on Dec 7th 2020 3:00pm-4:00 pm and Ar. Vinit Khanna will be give a talk on 'The Journey From Land to Air' open to all talk and Dec 21st 2020, 3:00pm-4:00 pm.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    International Civil Aviation Day: Airport Design

    • Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah on ‘Sustainability in Mega Infrastructure Projects'

    • Ar. Vinit Khanna on 'The Journey From Land to Air'

  • 2

    World Toilet Day: Designing a Public Washroom

    • Ar. Rohan Chavan on 'People-Objects-Environment' and Toilet Design

    • Ar. Pratima Joshi on 'Data Driven Sanitation for Urban Poor'

  • 3

    World Cities Day: Master Plan Design

    • Ar. Balaji Balaganesan and Ar. Chidambaram N on 'Climate Change Resilient Cities'

    • Ar. Ashutosh Jha on 'Dissecting a Master Plan Project'

  • 4

    World Tourism Day - Typology: Hospitality Design

    • Ar. Gyanendra Singh Shekhawat on 'Hospitality Design'

    • Ar Nanda Kumar on 'Journeys in Hospitality'

  • 5

    World Humanitarian Day: People Oriented Cities and Townships

    • Ar. Vidhya Mohankumar on People Oriented Cities

    • Ar. Hemant Mahajan on People Oriented Cities and Townships

  • 6

    World Hepatitis Day- Typology: Hospitals

    • Ar. Shamit Manchanda on Infrastructure Development in Healthcare sector

    • Ar. Nandini Bazaz on Hospital Design

  • 7

    World Environment Day - Typology: Sustainability

    • Ar. Vinita Kaur Chiragia on Vernacular Architecture

    • Ar. Sriram Ganapathi on Climate Sensitive Architecture

  • 8

    World Day of Cultural Diversity - Typology: Museums

    • Ar. Moulshri Joshi from Space Matters Architecture on Industrial Heritage Museums

    • Ar Nandan Malani and Ar. Purva Shah on Museums and Landscapes in Historic sites.

  • 9

    World Day of Safety and Health at Work - Typology: Offices

    • Ar. Alex Jacob on Office Design

    • Ar. Bimal Kachroo on Office Design

  • 10

    World Theatre Day- Typology: Performing Arts Center and Auditoriums

    • Ar. Anubha Fatehpuri on 'Narrative. Architect. Actor'

    • Architect Ayan Sen on Auditorium Design

  • 11

    World Day of Social Justice- Typology: Public Institution

    • Architect Srinivas Murthy on Public Institutions and Spaces

  • 12

    World Family Literacy Day- Typology: Educational Institutes

    • Architect Shantanu Poredi on Educational Institutions


This Month

Charanjit Singh Shah


Prof Charanjit Singh Shah is an architect, a planner & an infrastructure expert with 5 decades of practice. Besides he is also an author, a scholar, an educationist, a teacher, art & architecture critic & has been practicing sustainable green architecture. He is also the author of the recently published “Redefining Indian Sustainable Smart Cities” He has spearheaded some landmark sustainable projects in India including Chennai Airport, Raipur Airport, Goa Airport, Vadodara Airport, and Times Square Mall, Raipur. So much so that he is often called the Airport King. Led by Prof. Shah, Creative Group has also designed the Multimodal hubs for Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Metro, Lucknow Railway, Kota Railway, Master plan for the city of Jamshedpur and most recently, the iconic Terminal Building for Kartarpur Corridor Project, which was inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi in November 2019. Prof Shah was recognized by Architecture + Design Magazine in December 2019 and has been facilitated with various awards such as the CBR Lifetime Achievement Award, National Udyog Award, Best Architect of the Year Award, and Jewel of Punjab among many others. He is also the Chairperson of the Smart Habitat Foundation.

Vinit Khanna


Principal Architect of SPACE-ACE and an 83’ graduate of School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi - Vinit Khanna has been designing buildings for more than 3 decades. Schools, colleges, universities, institutes, townships, hospitals, date centres and even airports - he puts an effort to create designs that cover all architectural challenges and aces space. An independent soul - He did his schooling from St Xavier’s School, Delhi and his grandparent's liberal upbringing only brought out the fiercely creative independent streak even further. He and Samir Rastogi, were the brains behind India’s 100th airport - Pakyong Airport. A greenfield RCS Airport, which is often described as an engineering marvel. Vinit aspires to be ACE of SPACE

Vinita Kaur Chiragia

Architect I Co-founder of Studio Design Jatra

Vinita is a graduate from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. She is one of the founding members of Studio Design Jatra. Being a practicing architect working in the villages of Palghar, Thane and Raigad districts, she is interested in humanitarian work approach, relevant technologies and natural materials at the heart of her practice. A HUDCO Award for Affordable and Disaster resilient rural housing in the year 2015-16 for one of her projects proves her liking to be on site rather than behind the desk. Working in the rural sector on projects ranging from tribal houses to second homes, her love for getting the best out of natural materials with happy rural artisans is what drives her to work.

Sriram Ganapathi


After having graduated with a Thomason Gold medal for B.Arch from IIT Roorkee, India, and selected to the Dean's Honour List, M.Arch from McGill University, Canada, Ar. Sriram Ganapathi has been an integral part of KSM Consultants and KSM Architecture since its inception. Having been cited as one of the Young Designers of India by IA&B in 2002, Sriram has been working towards energy-efficient and climatically relevant architecture through their firm KSM. Their climatically relevant projects have won National and International acclaim.


Balaji Balaganesan


Ar. Balaji Balaganesan and Ar. Chidambaram from Sponge Collaborative are designers and urbanists based out of Chennai. They studied architecture from SAP, Anna University, Chennai. Balaji worked at the Charles Correa Foundation, Panjim and Mindscape Architects, Bangalore as part of his academic training while Chidambaram N worked at Mayapraxis Architects, Bangalore.

Chidambaram N


Ar. Chidambaram and Ar. Balaji Balaganesan from Sponge Collaborative are designers and urbanists based out of Chennai. They studied architecture from SAP, Anna University, Chennai. Balaji worked at the Charles Correa Foundation, Panjim and Mindscape Architects, Bangalore as part of his academic training while Chidambaram N worked at Mayapraxis Architects, Bangalore.

Ashutosh Jha


Ar. Ashutosh Jha is a designer with an experience of close to 22 years in India and Middle East , which includes working in premier Indian as well as with International Design firms and working on projects which are well known, complex and very successful. He is Studio and Technical Director with Gensler Bangalore with primary focus on Architecture projects. A strong advocate of BIM, computational design and sustainable design techniques, he believes in incorporating cutting edge smart technology, Environment Responsive Design and Net Zero Building concepts.

Nanda Kumar


Nanda Kumar Birudavolu is an alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (SPA, JNTU), Hyderabad. He trained under Somaya & Kalappa in Mumbai before pursuing his Masters degree in Architecture specializing in Design & Computation at the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). He established his practice, Nandu Associates in Hyderabad in 2001 on his return from the USA. Nandu Associates has since dealt with projects including the prominent Hotel Avasa for Stamlo group and interiors of Hotel Marigold for the Greenpark group. Fueled by his passion for film and architecture, Nanda Kumar founded CINARCH, a forum for architecture-related talks, presentations and films about architecture which serves as a platform for architects and designers to interact and learn in Hyderabad. He is presently the Chairperson of Institute of Indian Interior Designers Hyderabad Regional Chapter.

Gyanendra Singh Shekhawat


For over 20 years Ar. Gyanendra Singh Shekhawat has been meticulously drafting the urban life with his creations. He is a founder and the principal architect of IDEAS. His years of experience in building design and immaculate know-how of regulations have helped him create some of prominent urban landmarks across various cities. He has also been teaching and mentoring young aspirate for over years. Team of over 50 Architects and Engineers, the collaborative efforts has facilitated a new design language with each new project. Our design philosophy is to constitute opportunities to work with innovative conceptions, which also reflects in our creations.


Pratima Joshi

Senior Instructor

Ar. Pratima Joshi is An Ashoka fellow, recipient of Aga Khan scholarship and an expert in ‘Building Design for Developing Countries’, through her Masters-in-Architecture from London based Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning. She co-founded the NGO- Shelter Associates in 1994 to transform the lives of the urban poor through Sanitation & Housing initiatives. She has impacted over 3,70,000 people of Maharashtra directly and indirectly by providing safe sanitation through community and individual household toilet facilitation and slum housing using a data driven, community centric and multi-stakeholder governance model. Pratima is also the only Indian to receive ‘Google Earth Hero Award’.

Rohan Chavan


Ar. Rohan Chavan is an Architect, Planner, Designer, Founder and Owner of RC Architects, a multi-disciplinary design practice started in 2015. He is also a visiting Faculty at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architect, Mumbai. His work engages with projects and issues related to public and community sanitation, urban design, affordable and low-cost housing, single-family houses, space design, and institutions. The unique approach towards living patterns and bold style are the highlights of his design practice. He loves to fuse modern materials in a vernacular pattern creating spaces that are rich in natural light and landscape.

Vidhya Mohankumar

Architect and Urban Designer. Founder, Urban Design Collective (UDC)

Ar. Vidhya Mohankumar, an architect and urban designer is the founder of Urban Design Collective (UDC), a collaborative platform for architects, urban designers, and planners to create livable cities through participatory planning. Her work is focused on creating cities that are people-oriented and centered around transit as part of a sustainable development agenda that she is passionate about. Her approach is driven by research that is grounded and intersectional as a way to understand the everyday urbanism of cities.

Hemant Mahajan

Architect, Founder and Principal, GROUP PHI Architects

Ar. Hemant is the founder, Partner, Principal Architect of GROUP PHI Architects and Designers based in Pune, India, and a Member of the Urban Heritage Committee of Pune Municipal Corporation since 2011. Ar. Hemant has worked in the field of Architecture, Interior Design & Campus planning and has experience of over 30 years in India & overseas projects in Singapore, Indonesia & the UK.

Shamit Manchanda


Shamit Manchanda is a 1989 Graduate in Architecture from the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi. He is Partner and Chief Healthcare Architect in the firm Manchanda Associates which specializes in Healthcare Architecture. He has been involved in many large hospital & healthcare projects both for the government and in the private sector. Some of the notable projects include a 300 bedded Specialty Block & 200 bedded Trauma Block for Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, a 500 bedded teaching Hospital at Tezpur, Assam, two 150 bedded Maternity & Child Blocks for Govt. of Delhi, a State of the Art, Centre for Excellence in Transfusion Medicine for NACO-Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India, the 200 bedded Medanta SN Super Specialty Hospital at Ganganagar and many more. He is the present Chairman, Northern Chapter of The Indian Institute of Architects which is the National body of Architects in the country. He has also served as a member on the Central Vista Committee from 2015 to 2019 and the Governing Council of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi from 2009 until 2014.

Nandini Bazaz

Director, Architectural services, HOSMAC

Ms Nandini Bazaz’s experience in Healthcare Architecture spans over 25 years. In her 15 years at HOSMAC, she has worked extensively on various healthcare projects, medical colleges and super speciality hospitals. She has designed over 30 lakh square feet of space and has constructively aided in clinical planning processes, creation of space programs, facility planning assistance, total architectural design; and successfully accomplished turnkey-designs for many healthcare facilities. Her contribution in imparting healthcare planning principles through various education programs to institutions in India has been helpful to students and faculty in recognizing the intensity and complexity of designing hospitals. Ms Bazaz is a member of the Council of Architecture of India and is certified by Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) as an architect. Warm and polite, Nandini goes out of her way in leaving no stone unturned in her quest for design excellence!

Moulshri Joshi


Moulshri is the founding partner of award-winning design practice SpaceMatters with ten years of experience as a lecturer at the School of Planning & Architecture. Moulshri is an expert in the field of industrial heritage and consultant curator to complex, multi-stakeholder projects that require an empathetic and interdisciplinary approach particularly those in the field of urban ecology and disaster resilience. A civic-minded scholar and extensive lecturer Moulshri devotes much professional effort towards building organizations in the field of heritage such as TICCIH and ICOMOS India. She is an Advisory Board Member at the Asian Industrial Heritage Network under Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.

Nandan Malani


Ar. Nandan is co-founder of Cause – an initiative which is Nashik based social architectural firm. He is a practicing architect who specializes in Landscape architecture and design. He has extensively worked with Master landscape architect Mohammed Shaheer, Delhi, and developed skills for conceptualizing master plans and landscape schemes for big scale projects, Sundar nursery, Mirza Ghalib tomb landscape, Bharat Soka Gakkai park, Coronation Park. His areas of interest include historic sites, designing with natural site conditions, working with contours, and landscape detailing.

Purva Shah


Ar. Purva is co-founder of Cause – an initiative which is Nashik based social architectural firm. Her areas of interest include research for old Indian cities and concern for their future. Her passion for urban design and urban conservation has her associated with INTACH and has done a project-based internship with its J and K chapter for developing urban conservation proposals. She has written research papers on the similar subject at various conferences.

Bimal Kachroo


Bimal Kachroo an urbanist ecologically conscious designer is a founder principal mentor of HOLISTICS URBAN INNOVATION PVT. LTD. As an urban management specialist, he has been able to leverage his specialised knowledge in urban land use planning, large scale industrial planning and design, housing, infrastructure management, urban /municipal governance, management towards reforms and restructuring, policy and strategy formulation, public-private partnerships and sustainability in various consultancy assignments. Mr. Kachroo as principal has been responsible for various accolades and awards received by him and HOLISTIC URBAN INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD from PM SHRAM AWARD, IIM, FOOD PARK ASSOCIATIONS, and GREEN ARCHITECT OF THE YEAR 2014-15.

Ar. Alex Jacob


Ar. Alex Jacob's practice based out of Bangalore commenced in 1992. Having worked with eminent architects such as V.K.Girdhar and Charles Correa along with a stint in Hiroshima, his design expressions are an amalgamation of various influences that bring multiple dimensions to his work.

Anubha Fatehpuria

Conceiver and Performer

Actor (since 1995), Architect (since 2001) – a recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi’s prestigious Ustad Bismillah Khan YuvaPuruskar 2013-14, The Telegraph SHE Awards 2019 and Shyamal Sen Smriti Puraskar 2007 for her theatre acting - has worked with directors like Habib Tanveer, Shyamanand Jalan, Rajinder Nath, Alyque Padamsee, Wlodzimierz Staniewski, Suman Mukhopadhyay, Vinay Sharma, Vikarm Iyengar, Purva Naresh – to name some. She received extensive theatre training from Late Shyamanand Jalan (2003-’10). She continues to learn the craft of acting & theatre-making under Vinay Sharma, 2006 onwards. Formerly, she was, Padatik Theatre Executive Co-director (2010 – ’16) & Core-group member/actor with Ranan Performance Collective (2002 – ’13). An actor with Padatik Theatre Kolkata since 2002, she is currently Director-Programmes. She has acted on screen for directors like Seema Pahwa, Prasoon Pandey, Aparna Sen, Bishnu D.Haldar, Anupam Misra, Kamlesh Soni, Vijay Veeraml & Marcel Odenbach. As an architect – a recipient of the Nagpur University Gold Medal (2001) for Bachelors in Architecture, graduating from LAD and SRP College for Women (Nagpur), Anubha interned at Ar. Balkrishna V Doshi’s SANGATH (Ahmedabad) and after graduating she worked under Ar. Dulal Mukherjee (Kolkata) for a brief period of time till 2002. Practicing independently thereafter, Anubha was also an in-house consultant architect with a real estate firm in Kolkata from 2003 to 2011. She has been a visiting faculty for Design at the Architecture Dept. at Jadavpur University. Since 2011 she has been running her own design studio, now in association with Ar Richa Bose – currently working on projects which include performing arts centres, residences, cafes, clinic/wellness centres amongst others – in various cities. Their design studio has received recognitions for green practices.

Ayan Sen

Senior Instructor

Ayan Sen is a graduate of School of Architecture, CEPT, India and has done his Masters in Urban Design from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He provides specialized expertise in the areas of master planning for waterfronts and campuses including residential and mixed use projects and professionally been involved in several architectural projects in India that include resorts, institutions, commercial and health care and residential projects. ASAUDP was started in India with the thought of providing collaborative, creative and International professional systems in the growing architectural environs of emerging India. The premise: ‘Locally Sensitive Regional thinking can get integrated with the best of International Practices and Systems’ has been the founding pillar of its young, vibrant team. The philosophies and design ideologies have tried to invoke the regional vernacular and its expression in the modern contemporary idiom and integrate the two in a holistic manner.

Srinivas Murthy

Architect I Founder - SMG Design Inc.

Srinivas Murthy G. is the founder and principal architect of his studio practice named SMG Design Inc. Popularly known as SMG, he is a founding member of the World Association of Architectural Organisations (AAO), Chicago, a network of like-minded design organisations dedicated to enhancing public dialogue about architecture and design. He is Founding President of Architecture and Design Foundation (India) - an organisation dedicated to spreading awareness about values of good design and architecture in India. He was awarded the "Award for Excellence 2017" by the Government of Telengana, for a year-long programme of "Architecture for Social Equity - heritage walks for school children". He was conferred the "Fellow of IGBC" award by IGBC in 2019.

Shantanu Poredi

Founding Partner of MO-OF Architects/ Mobile Offices, Mumbai

Architect, urbanist, academician, and the founding partner of MO-OF Architects/ Mobile Offices in Mumbai, Shantanu Poredi, studied at the School of Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad. After a brief professional training period with Anant Raje, he worked with Architects Combine, Bombay for four years. He further pursued his Masters in Architecture (Urban Design) on a J.N. Tata Scholarship grant during 1997-1998 at the Architectural Association, London. In 1999-2000 he worked as an assistant architect at Terry Farrell and Partners, London. In 2001, he founded MO-OF along with his partner Manisha Agarwal in Mumbai. He is currently visiting faculty at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture, Mumbai where he has been teaching since the past 18 years. He has been invited to lecture and also presents the firm's work in Amsterdam, Berlin, Shenzhen along with several other cities and towns in India. He has also been invited to speak at Indo German Urban-mela at Bangalore. His areas of interest and concern are the design of educational institutions, office environments, healthcare institutions, exhibition design, and art collaborations.

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