Know Your Rights

A unique journey to discover your rights and duties

Through these e-modules and multiple live nation-wide workshop series in colleges, Vivel inspires young Indians to be Champions of Equality. ITC Vivel's 'Ab Samjhauta Nahin' philosophy focusses on awareness being the way forward into the future for the creation of a gender-equal India. A future, where no individual has to compromise on their dignity or sense of self-respect. Join us now on this transformative experience.

What's inside?

A transformative journey

  • 1

    Explore an Alternate Viewpoint

    • What is this Exploration about?

    • An Overview of this Exploration

  • 2

    Understand and UNcondition

    • Are you biased?

    • "Test your knowledge of some famous personalities around you"

    • Understand and UNcondition

  • 3

    Get Inspired and take control!

    • Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin

    • The strength of a Tribal Girl

    • The fight of a villager in Rajasthan laid the guidelines to deal with Workplace Harassment

    • Rupan Deol Bajaj's stroy

    • Unblushed: Another truth about Modern India among these inspiring stories

    • Join the Vivel #AbSamjhautaNahin Campaign with us

    • Know your Rights with Supreme Court Advocate Karuna Nandy

    • Do you want to know more?

  • 4

    Fundamental Rights

    • Freedom: An Interpretation.

    • Fundamental Rights

    • Do you Know Your Rights? Pick out the right Right!

    • A Case for Gender Equality, even for men

    • Ted Talk by Michael Kimmel

    • Other Fundamental Rights: A quick look

    • Constitutional Remedies: Justice Verma Committee Report

  • 5

    Simplifying YOUR Rights

    • "Short Quiz on Legal Rights"

    • Simplifying your rights: Segment overview

    • Harassment at Work

    • Duties of an Employer

    • Vishaka Guidelines and UGC Norms

    • An Interactive Quiz through Multiple Vantages in a case of Workplace Harassment

    • Domestic Violence

    • Rights regarding the Police

    • Cybercrime: Crime of the New Age

    • How to deal with Cybercrime?

    • Test your knowledge on some Cybercrime cases

    • Consent, the Yes is important!

    • An Interactive Quiz to understand Consent better

    • The Power be yours!

    • Compiled List of Laws and IPC for easy access

  • 6

    Know and Understand your Power!

    • Your Super power!

    • The Conclusion

  • 7

    Avail your Certificate

    • Know Your Rights with Michael Foley - Coming Soon!

    • Quick Survey

    • How to get your Certificate

Empower and Protect

  • Know

    It is your right to Know Your Rights. When you know your rights, you know when they are being respected and protected. When you know your rights, you cannot be denied of them.

  • Act

    If you feel disrespected or discriminated against, exercise your rights and let your voice be heard.

  • Share

    As a parent, partner, sibling, friend, colleague these rights are here to protect you or someone close to you. You have the responsibility to empower others along with yourself. Spread the word today.

Course Outcomes

  • A better understanding of what gender rights are and the means to safeguard them through legal course of action

  • Sensitivity to be able to think beyond the patriarchal point of view and work towards imbibing the knowledge and skills acquired through this course in their own work and life


  • I am a man, I do not think this course is for me!

    I assure you this course is specifically for you! Empowerment isn’t merely putting the burden on women, but rather develop a broader supportive culture – legally, socially and politically. Hence we have a collective responsibility; so the course is for all genders.

  • Does this give me legal advice on how to respond to a situation?

    No, this course is meant to make you aware of your constitutional rights and legal safeguards so you would be better informed of how to navigate through, in case you encounter any unwelcome situation, be it domestic or professional spaces. Legal recourse is a domain of legal professionals which we are legally not permitted to provide.

Designers Know Your Duty

A supplementary module to Know Your Rights

Join this Live collaborative module with renowned Product Designer Michael Foley of Foley Designs. More details coming soon.