Course Brief

In our age, being "computer literate" doesn't just mean being able to send an email. Speaking the language that all the myriad machines around us understand is as important as learning the lingua-franca. Engineers, makers, inventors and even scientists of the past weren't satisfied with using what tools were available, but created their own, as they found it to be a necessity. Similarly, Architects and Designers shouldn't just be using software that limits their thoughts to the tools present, but create new tools as required, or modify tools to suit their needs, and ideas. 

Enter into the world of programme, as you are enabled with tools and techniques that will empower your design process from ideation to completion. This certified course will help students learn the basics of the Programming Language Processing, using p5.js, a Javascript library. They will learn concepts such as sequencing, loops, digital colours, randomness, conditionals and other basic patterns.

Course Overview

While programming can appear very complex, it works on simple patterns, and opening up that world allows you to bring to life the power of computing into your specific creative endeavours. Following are the key highlights of the course

  • Explore the basics of programming as you learn how to “code” designs.

  • Learn the concept and syntax. This builds a good base to later switch into any other programming language as required.

  • The learner can later use the basics to design live art, interactive games, art installations, projection mapping, sound art, and so much more.

  • Introduces and sets the stage for: Parametric Design, Creative Coding, Generative Art and Web Applications

Course Benefits

  • Set your own pace and start learning any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Earn a certificate upon completion.

  • Course Videos, Readings and Graded Assignments with feedback

Who should take this course?

The course has been designed in such a way that anyone can join and learn

  • Students of Architecture, PhD Scholars

  • Visual creatives like Digital Artists, Graphic Designers (students and professionals)

  • People with multidisciplinary inclination

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Course Curriculum

The entire course is divided into 12 modules. Every module is divided into multiple short lectures of 7-15 minutes. Modules consist of assignments, MCQs, additional resources and an interactive interface that will enrich the student’s learning experience. 

  • Module 1: Hello World
  • Module 2: Colour
  • Module 3: Variables
  • Module 4: Loops and Conditions
  • Module 5: Interactivity
  • Module 6: DOM Elements
  • Module 7: Random/Noise
  • Module 8: Circle Equation
  • Module 9: External Files
  • Module 10: Arrays and Grids
  • Module 11: Physics and Objects
  • Module 12: Next?

Course Mentor

Ar. Raunak Sudhakar

Architect, Founder- Odin Design Collaborative

Raunak did his graduation in architecture from RIT, Bengaluru in 2008. He has keen interest in Sustainability, Earth Construction - having trained from Earth Institute in Auroville. He is also interested in mixing technology and design, with 3D printing, Interactive Art, Phone and Web Applications.

He runs an Architectural Practice with projects in Bengaluru, Pondicherry, the Nilgiris, and Mumbai among others. He has also been teaching at university level for the better part of a decade, and is currently pursuing an MA in Education.


  • Do I need to know any programming software before joining?

    No. The course will teach you the basics of coding and no prior knowledge is required for the same.

  • What programming language will we learn?

    A javascript library based on processing - "p5js"

  • What is creative coding?

    Making a piece of software without necessarily knowing the end result, just like sketching, generally resulting in art.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    The learner should know High School level of maths - Arithmetic, Algebra, & Geometry. They should also be familiar with using a computer, browsing the web, uploading, submitting forms, installing, folder management etc.

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