Design with Communities

India has a diverse and rich cultural landscape. Every community has distinct perspectives and  therefore, values can be quite varied. Their unique values and view of the world subsequently translates as distinct aesthetic sensibilities. Many cultures express these through their food, clothes,  crafts, building traditions and art. Having said that, globalisation has influenced cultures to get homogenised. Many cultures are therefore in different stages of transition.  

The course will help students to understand cultures other than their own, and design with/for them.  

Colleges will encourage students to select villages or communities and not projects. The course will  help the students identify projects based on the village or community’s needs. The scale of the  project can be outlined by the college.  

Collaborative Studio

If your college AD studio intends to design with Communities and wants to explore it with other colleges and faculty across the country online, join this studio and hop on to the learning journey planned by Hunnarshala for your college.

The collaborative studio is a unique effort to bring students, faculty and practitioners on one platform. The key features of this studio include the following,

To know more about our past studio click here.

Tentative Schedule

This schedule may be customised to the collective schedule of the colleges on board.

Benefits of the course

Unconventional approachto design studio and exposure to new materials and practices
Improve NAAC score for colleges  
Experience in approach to rural background projects  Acquaintances with other colleges across the nation for future events | student exchanges, collaboration for events etc.  
Interaction with other colleges  New approach to Rural documentation studio mandate under the CoA- already devised and planned by us 
Mentored by Ar Sandeep Virmani, Director-Hunnarshala, Ar. Aditya Singh, Project Architect- Hunnarshala  New Pedagogical practices 
Authentic mentoring and guidance by artisans 
Exclusive access to expert lecture recordings  
Quality design results that can be submitted at various design competitions  
Certified courses 
Outcomes are a merit to the CV and portfolio as well as a merit while applying for post graduation

About Hunnarshala and Aabhat

Hunnarshala Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in Bhuj, Gujarat, working towards sustainable habitats. 

THREE THEMES have emerged as cross-cutting for Hunnarshala for its direction and works – 

  • How people are empowered to shape their own habitats;
  • How habitat solutions can become more environmentally friendly, sustainable and disaster safe; and
  • How local artisanal knowledge and skills can deliver high-quality products.

Empower yourself with the philosophy of Hunnarshala. Your mentors on this journey will be Ar Sandeep Virmani, Director-Hunnarshala, Ar. Aditya Singh, Project Architect- Hunnarshala, and artisans associated with the organisation.

Aabhat (आभत) is a non-profit organisation, which has evolved out of Hunnarshala Foundation, having its core focus on participatory design processes relying on the inherent traditional wisdom of the people, especially the idea of the commons. It's objectives include socio-technical research and documentation, working with and upgrading traditional building practices; and creation of a collaborative platform for other like-minded individuals and practices. The word aabhat comes from a Kutch tradition, and can loosely be interpreted as 'coming together of the people for a common good'.

Pricing options

You can enrol in this course as an individual who audits or a college who takes this up as a design studio. The fees for a college depend on the total number of students enrolling for the course.