CCBA will lead by example by showcasing the unifying language of design and it's vocabulary of principles of design

Designing spaces for learning is not a straight forward output - your design should nurture creativity, learning, and curiosity. The unifying language, developed by CCBA over 4 decades of practice, and it's vocabulary consists of various design principles - scales and proportion, balance of inside and outside, design as a template between immediate and surrounding landscape and most of all, expression of materials in its natural form. Develop the story for a school and design for learning experiences and events that nurture creativity and curiosity at Nilshi, near Lonavala Maharashtra

Course Outcomes

  • Learn the nuances of designing and developing spaces for learning

  • Learn the inside stories behind some of the projects by CCBA

  • Learn how to tackle sites with steep gradients

  • Learn how to design campuses

  • Develop the skills to present and express your ideas

  • At the end of the course, return with a sensitive attitude towards holistic design solutions.

Who should take this course

  • Architecture students intrigued by the process of designing campuses

  • Teachers who are in charge of design studios at their institute

  • Practicing professionals who appreciate Benninger's style and would like to learn from the masters at CCBA

More about this course

Aims and Objectives for the course

To share the lessons learnt from designing many institutes by demonstrations and discussions in a design studio.

Framework or the Ideology of the course

The studio will discuss the unifying language and principles of design followed by CCBA in their practice.

Methodology followed 

The studio will follow a case study demonstration methodology to express the lessons for campus design and 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Welcome to ACEDGE

    • Using the ACEDGE Course Player

  • 2

    Welcome to the course by Daraius Choksi

    • Know your Instructor- Daraius Choksi

    • CCBA- The firm Introduction

    • Selected Works by CCBA

    • Course Introduction - CCBA Acedge

  • 3

    Site Analysis

    • Site Analysis - CCBA Acedge

    • References - Site Analysis and Campus Design Introduction

  • 4

    Learning Environments and Case studies

    • Teaching-Learning Theories and Spaces

    • References - Learning theories

  • 5

    Building Program

    • Building Program and Project Schedule

    • Perosnalise your own building program

    • Links to building codes

    • Universal Design and its relevance

    • Highlights from the Persons with Disability Act 2016- Note the Red boxes

    • Links for dimensional data- Standards book

    • Space Adjacency and Hierarchies

  • 6

    Revisiting concepts

    • Case Study Framework and Analysis - CCBA Acedge

    • Case Study- Sample

    • Analysis and Inferences from Case studies

  • 7

    Let the designing begin

    • The Design Process

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Quick Survey

    • How to get Course Certificate



Daraius Choksi

Senior Instructor

Architect Daraius Choksi, Director, has graduated from Mumbai University in 1998. After practicing in Mumbai for over a year he shifted his base to Pune from Mumbai, to be associated with CCBA. He started working as an architect on the Kochi Refineries building and was based out of Kochi for over two years wherein he gained an in depth insight into building design and site execution. Since then he has been associated with CCBA and is Director Architecture in the CCBA design studio. He has worked on a complete gamut of projects in the studio ranging from residential, hospitality, and commercial, corporate and educational. He is involved in almost all of the studio projects and is associated with them through all stages viz design, tendering and site execution. His passions include travelling and have travelled over most of Europe besides India, reading and teaching are other things he is passionate about. He has been invited to be a member of select juries and has given guest lectures at various forums and institutions. He has been feted with the iGEN Design Forum’s - India’s Next Generation of Innovative Architects & Designers top 50 young architects award.

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