Holistic Understanding

Multidimensional linkages to spatial perceptions of colour.

Colour and the Space are intrinsically linked. The colours in a space have a huge effect on the moods of the users, directly affecting their lifestyles. This course will be specifically looking at enhancing your holistic understanding of perceptions around colours through learnings from History, Culture, Nature, Science and Cognitive Psychology, linking them with spatial perceptions in Architecture and Interiors. It will further take you to the practical and application aspects equipping you to be able to make informed decisions in your projects/designs while using the element of colour.

Paint Academy's Colour Psychology Course Launch and talk by Ar. Serina Hijjas

Ar. Serina Hijjas is director of Hijjas Kasturi Associates and has over twenty years of experience in architectural planning and design. After graduating from The Bartlett School of Architecture and The University of Sydney, Hijjas joined Foster + Partners in London for a three-year stint before returning to Malaysia. Her work includes the Securities Commission Headquarters Building, Telekom Malaysia Headquarters, Shell Tower and the Malaysian Expo Pavilion 2015. Her approach to design is holistic, cognisant of placemaking and environmental sustainability, with a view in generating new strategies in every project.

Course takeaways

  • Enhance

    your holistic understanding of perceptions around colours through learnings from History, Culture, Nature, Science and Cognitive Psychology.

  • Link

    your multidisciplinary learnings to spatial perceptions of colour in Architecture and Interiors.

  • Apply

    your knowledge of theory to Application of Colour to be able to make informed colour choices in your designs.

Objective for the course:

The course aims at bringing in multiple perceptions of colour across different areas to strengthen juxtaposed understandings of subjective as well as contextual perceptions of colour thereby informing choices as designers, in order to be able to positively influence perceptions of users, indirectly influencing their lifestyles and well-being.


The course would cover the background of colour with learnings from science, history, nature, colour theory and cognitive psychology to link them with colour perceptions in Architecture and Interiors. The transition from theory to practice would then culminate in the application aspects of colour.

Methodology :

The course will follow a learn-and-test methodology, with the learners being tested for their own perceptions along the way to make the journey one of self-awareness borrowing cues from context.



Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Sneak peak into the course!

    1. Pop Quiz

    2. External Reference to Colour Perceptions

    1. Scientific background of Colour

    2. Basics of Colour- Colour theory

    3. Colours in Nature

    4. Quiz: Colours in Nature

    5. History and Cultural Symbolism of Colour- Part I

    6. History and Cultural Symbolism of Colour- Part 2

    7. Activity: History and Cultural Symbolism- Know your Heritage.

    8. Psychological Perceptions of Colour

    9. Activity: Colouring Perceptions!

    1. Introduction to Colour and Space

    2. Perception Test: Child at Heart

    3. Colours and their effects on childrens' behaviours

    4. Learn, Colour, Play

    5. Nippon Paint Child Wellness Range

    6. Product Presentation: KIDZ Range

    7. Perception Test: Heal with Colour

    8. Heal with Colour

    9. Perception Test: Colour and Wellness

    10. Colour and Wellness

    11. Activity: Colour and Wellness

    12. Activity Details: Colour and Wellness

    13. Perception Test: Peppy Workspaces

    14. Peppy Workspaces

    15. Home Colour Home

    16. Activity: Home Colour Home

    17. Assignment Details: Home Colour Home

    18. Perception Test: Colour and Retail Therapy

    19. Colour and Retail Therapy

    20. Paint the town red! Connecting with colour!

    21. Activity: Paint the town red!

    22. Asctivity Details: Paint the town red!

    1. Introduction

    2. Blobbies!

    3. Role of Paint-Climate Sensitive Designs

    4. How can paint protect your building against harsh weather?

    5. Product Presentation- Climate Sensitive Designs

    6. Well-Being in Indoor Environments

    7. Product Presentation: Well-being in Indoor Environments

    8. Quiz- Colour as an Influencer of Perceptions and Emotions

    9. Colour as an Influencer of Perceptions and Emotions

    10. Emerging Trends in Colour

    11. Product Presentation: Emerging Trends

    12. Basics of Paint: Functions and Parameters of Paint

    13. Components of Paint

    14. Quiz Time!

    15. Paint Technology

    16. Nippon Paint- A glimpse into processes

    17. Manufacturing Process of Paint

    18. Nippon Factory Visit: A walk-through of the paint making process

    19. Applications of Paint- Properties of Paint

    20. Application Tools!

    21. Paint Application Process

    22. Professional Painting Tips from Nippon

    23. Painting with Nippon Momento Designer Series

    24. Quiz Time!

    25. Surface Defects and Remedial Action- I

    26. Surface Defects and Remedial Action- II

    27. Product Presentation- Remedial Measures

    28. Product Presentation: Construction Chemicals

    29. Safety Aspects of Painting

    30. Types of Paint

    31. Undercoats and Primers

    32. Product Presentation: Undercoats and Primers

    33. Painting Masonry Surfaces

    34. Emulsion Paints

    35. Product Presentation: Emulsion Paints

    36. Distempers

    37. Enamel Paints

    38. Product Presentation: Enamel Paints

    39. Product Presentation: Wood Coatings

    40. Primers for Metals

    41. Product Presentation: Primer for Metals

    42. Quiz Time!

    43. Conclusion

    44. Concluding Activity

    45. Concluding Activity

    1. Talk on 'Designing for People' by Ar. Serina Hijjas from Malaysia

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5 star rating

a great initiative to introduce such courses which the colleges do not cover much in its syllabus.

Angela Khangsarpa

5 star rating

It was a wonderful learning.

sayali surve

It's required to learn the detailed psychology of colours. This course helps exactly with that.

It's required to learn the detailed psychology of colours. This course helps exactly with that.

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