About the course

Welcome to this course on Well Being! This course is open-to-all and is structured into three modules that largely address the importance of the design of built environments and its impact on well-being. The First Module looks into what well-being essentially is and the kinds of well-being; along with brief exercises to explore the relationship between well-being and the built & unbuilt environment. In the next module, we will look at the different aspects of building design such as daylight, scale and proportion, acoustics, biophilic design, and the impact of building design on mental health. The last module focuses on Rating Systems and Building Codes, and the applications of glass! Enrol to learn more!

Course curriculum

    1. About the course!

    1. Course Overview

    2. Activity- Situational Well-being

    3. Well-being and the Built Environment

    4. External References

    1. Here comes the sun

    2. Assignment 1

    3. Breathing building

    4. Assignment 2

    5. Colour Therapy

    6. Assignment 3

    7. Sound of Space

    8. Assignment 4

    9. Space it Out

    10. Assignment 5

    11. Welcoming Greens

    12. Assignment 6

    13. Mental Health

    14. Assignment 7

    1. Rating Systems- Introduction

    2. Glass as Building Material

    3. Assignment 8

About this course

  • Free
  • 22 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Course Outcomes

  • Enhance

    your understanding of well-being and the parameters in the environment around us that affect well-being

  • Analyse

    the different spaces in a built environment with respect to colour, daylight, scale and proportion, acoustics, biophilic design, and more

  • Gain

    sensitivity towards designing spaces, keeping in view the rating systems and building codes for well-being of the users

Who should take this course?

  • Students of Architecture and Design

  • Professionals - Architects & Interior Designers

  • All those interested in learning more about the built environment and well-being

Aims and Objectives

A student or a professional taking up this course will understand what the different types of well-being are, how the environment around us affects our well-being and how as designers, we can incorporate certain features to ensure better physical and mental health of the users.

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