The Journey Begins

Phew! These are a few of the many pain points addressed by architects, when we asked them about the hurdles they face in establishing their own practice. At some point, we all have wanted to start our own firm, but never knew how to! Worry not. With Roca and Ethos, your dreams have a chance to take off.


 Naresh V NarasimhanAndre Camara

The Perfect Pitch | 31 Jan 2021, Sunday at 11 AM
Traditionally, design practices did not rely on marketing and communication as an aid to generate business. However, in today's times, communicating effectively is essential. Join Naresh V Narasimhan, Managing Partner of Venkataramanan Associates and Andre Camara, Partner of Studio Camara as they talk about topics like - methods of promotions, importance of participating in competitions and making that perfect pitch to get clients and create leads.

Ravi SaranganSachin Bhatt

Setting up an Office | 7 Feb 2021, Sunday at 11 AM
Setting up a physical space for an office, record-keeping and documentation are things that every designer or architect will have to take on, at some point or the other during the course of the start-up journey. In this lecture, Ravi Sarangan, co-founder of Edifice and Sachin Bhatt, director of Edifice tell you the tips and tricks of the trade that you should know!

Brijesh Shaijal Tanya Khanna

Branding the Office | 21 Feb 2021, Sunday at 11 AM

Join Tanya Khanna, founder of Epistle Communication and Brijesh Shaijal, Director/Principal Architect of DAC as they talk about branding, image development and its importance in establishing an identity for any architecture or design office.

Sandeep ShikreAnuja Sawant

Office and Process Management | 28 Feb 2021, Sunday at 11 AM
Execution of projects effectively, within the resources accounted for, is just as important as designing them. Join Sandeep Shikre, President + CEO of SSA Architects and Anuja Sawant, Principal Architect of SSA Architects as they talk about the importance of efficient people and office management,  scheduling, budgeting and handling of design projects based on time-tested management techniques.

L Venkatesh Rahul Kadam
Vivek Singh Rathore

Liaising with Stakeholders | 7 March 2021, Sunday at 11 AM
The client-contractor-vendor interactions often form the basis for major design decisions taken on the field. Listen to L Venkatesh, Associate, Principal of Digital Delivery at Invicara and Rahul Kadam, Founder Partner, NGK Studio about the exploration of materials, delivering more than what the client expects, and getting the details right on the site with effective communication with the contractors. Special insights from Vivek Singh Rathore, Partner, Salient Design Studio

 Habeeb KhanPrashantha Kumar

Deepak Kumar

Handbook of Professional Practice | 14 March 2021, Sunday at 11  AM
Join Ar. Habeeb Khan, President of Council of Architecture, Deepak Kumar, Law Officer, Council of Architecture and Adv. Prashantha Kumar, Advocate, Fox Mandal & Associates as they make you understand the essential legalese, the structure and interpretation of the Architects Act in this final session of the course!

Ask Me Anything

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Course Outcome

  • The course aims to enhance your understanding of multitude of tasks that go into building up a practice.

  • The importance of building an identity for your practice, office and project management, essential legalese are some of the pointers that would be explored with eminent experts.

  • A designers skill set is valuable only when they are capable of leading and nurturing the right team.

Who should take this course?

  • Professionals aiming to become entrepreneurs

  • Fresh Graduates and Young Architects, Designers

  • Final Year Students


The webinars will consist of live online lecture (45 mins) followed by an Ask-me-Anything session (45 mins) with the speaker. The course will also consist of pre-recorded snippets and assignments, that you can access on registration.

Session Title Date
1 The Perfect Pitch
31st January Sunday
11 AM - 1 PM
2 Setting up an Office
7th February
11 AM - 1 PM
3 Branding the Office
21st February
11 AM - 1 PM
4 Office and Process Management
28th February
11 AM - 1 PM
5 Liaising with Stakeholders
7th March
11 AM - 1 PM
6 Handbook of Professional Practice
14th March
11 AM - 1 PM

Catalysing your Start Up Journey

"Are you looking to take the leap and establish your studio?"

While designing is the most important part of an architect’s job, the studio is up and running only when all the backend processes are also being performed efficiently. Cover the distance from being an architect to a capable entrepreneur with this course. This online course aims to provide a holistic outlook towards starting a practice through conversations with people, who been there and done that. It intends to provide the basic tools necessary for architects taking a plunge to get that edge in this competitive space. It will help you understand the importance of documenting work, project and office management and also explore the alternatives to allied fields for this profession. Wondering what the checklist for starting out involves? This course will guide you through the process and provide key resources to get going.

About ROCA

Roca is the world's leading manufacturer of sanitary ware and a benchmark reference in the world of design, presently operating in over 170 countries, with 82 production plants and a workforce of 23,400 across the globe.

Roca has hosted and been involved with many events in close connection with architects and designers. The Roca Galleries, serving as meeting places and arenas for open dialogue, have been ideated by noted architects in prime cities across the world including Zaha Hadid Architects in London; Francesc Rifé Studio in Shanghai; Borja, Lucía and Carlos Ferrater’s OAB architectural studio in Barcelona; Estudio Lamela in Madrid; Ferruz Decoradors in Lisbon; and Ma Yansong in Beijing. Roca also organises design contests like 'jumpthegap' and 'One Day Design Challenge', bringing in new ideas for innovation and sustainable design. 

With this course, Roca in association with Ethos | Acedge,  aims to reach out to all the design entrepreneurs and equip them with basic tools and guidance from pioneers in the field.