About Sense N Sensibility

Sense N Sensibility (SNS) is a lecture series by ACEDGE, to allow access to expert viewpoints, from across the globe. These experts would demonstrate, through their choices, experiments and lessons, multiple vantage points for developing and exploring design.  

Sense N Sensibility is about integration and the big picture. We seek to dishevel the older notions of compartmentalisation of knowledge and introduce learners across the country to collaborative and interdisciplinary studies. Many of our speakers are experts from varied fields- a mayor, a grassroots social worker who works towards community empowerment, an engineer working to resolve water-crisis, sustainability experts, social scientists, travellers, industrial entrepreneurs, and many others.

Our young designers need to have a holistic understanding of concepts, systems and processes. They should be sensitive and empathetic towards the needs of all strata of the society. They should learn to balance ecology and micro-environments on their sites. They should appreciate bottom-up planning proposals as well as participative processes. They should also understand the political scenario, be actively involved with the bureaucracy and suggest ways to improve central and local systems. We need our young designers to connect with one another, share ideas, have healthy discussions and passionately speak for their cause. Architecture and design will, thus, balance nature and culture. Young minds will learn to reflect upon ecology, archaeology, anthropology, psychology, aesthetics and technology to develop holistic solutions.

Sense N Sensibility 1.0

The inaugural lecture for the SNS series was delivered by Architect George Ferguson, Past President RIBA (2003/5) and first elected Mayor of Bristol UK (2012-16). On the other side of the globe, Architect Ferguson, fought for the rights of a neighbourhood to remain ‘mixed’, against the monoculture promoted by developers.

Sense N Sensibility 2.0

The second lecture by Amit Pasricha celebrates the lesser-known built heritage of India and his Journey of the 'India- Lost and Found' Campaign.

Sense N Sensibility 3.0

The third lecture was by a Pritzker Jury member, André Aranha Corrêa do Lago, also Brazilian Ambassador to India. He spoke about Pritzker winning Laureates from the countries of India, Brazil and Japan.

Sense N Sensibility 4.0

The fourth lecture was by Ar. Rafiq Azam of SHATOTTO Architecture of Green Living on Phenomenal Practice and Thought-provoking Explorations on the field of Architecture and recent Urban Interventions.

Sense N Sensibility 5.0

The fifth lecture was by Ar. Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan's first female architect. She spoke on lowering the Carbon Footprint: Humanistic Architecture for Post-COVID-19 World.

Sense N Sensibility 6.0

On Gandhi Jayanti, World Architecture and Habitat Day, Fountainhead Krishna Rao Jaisim and Narendra Dengle talk about the underlying concepts and relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in Architecture.

Sense N Sensibility 7.0

Shirish Beri talks about the many ways in which architecture affects our mental state and quality of life. Understanding the many relationships that exist between the measurable outer space of physical action and immeasurable inner space within our mind.

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