What is this Ask- Me - Anything going to be about?

The Ando Program!

From Indo to Ando is going to be an Interaction about an enriching invitational program to Osaka, Japan founded by iconic Tadao Ando- to which our topic expert Ar. Divya Manek was invited. She tells us that it was an intensive but fun month involving internship, trainings, tours, workshops and homestays. Ando Program 2018- is an annual training program in architecture funded by world famous Tadao Ando awarded to 8 young architects from different countries in Asia. The program involves internships at Japanese Construction Companies, training from the Osaka Prefectural Government, workshop with architectural students of Kindai University, Osaka paper presentation with Professor Gunter Nitschke, Kyoto, visits to buildings designed by Tadao Ando in Kansai region and is complete with a visit to the legendary Ando Sensei.

Ar. Divya Manek shares her experience!

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    Come for a live interaction with Ar. Divya Manek and ask her your doubts personally!

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    Webinar on 23rd December 2018, Sunday @ 11.00 am

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    Share your questions before hand and have them answered during the live webinar. Join now to get access to the question form.

Topic Expert

Divya Manek


Having graduated from Jadavpur University in 2014, Divya has been working as an Architect with Pace Consultants since. She worked in a few interior design projects including the sports bar at Calcutta Racket Club and many architectural projects successfully winning a few- including the Senior Citizen’s Living- Rajarhat for West Bengal HIDCO and the cinema centenary building at Tollygunj by PWD West Bengal. She was a part of the Projects Management Consultancy team for TCS-Gitobitan in Kolkata and the site supervisor for renovation of a cruise vessel M. V. Paramhamsa of Vivada Corporation on the river Ganges. She was selected to be a part of the prestigious Ando Program 2018- an annual training program in architecture funded by world famous Tadao Ando. Divya currently lives in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

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  • Students and professionals who would like to get international exposure but have apprehensions about it.

  • Curious youngsters who want to know about the opportunities available to young Indian architecture graduates and students.

  • Those who would want to combine their passions of architecture and adventure by travelling to new lands.

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