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 Saint-Gobain and Ethos are back with the  Transparence 13.0 !! We, at Saint-Gobain and Ethos, believe that today’s students fuelled with ideas and creativity, are going to design the tomorrow’s world. Giving a flight to their wings of imagination is the core philosophy behind Transparence.  

This 13th edition of Transparence, we have taken up the theme of “The Business of Space”  with the objective of looking at work spaces with a new perspective. The theme this year, is curated by Ar. Naresh Narasimhan from Venkataramanan Associates, Bangalore. 

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Transparence 2018 Curator

Naresh Narasimhan

Architect, Urbanist, Activist and Creative, Entrepreneur.

Naresh V Narasimhan heads Venkataramanan Associates, a second generation multi-disciplinary award-winning architecture firm based in Bangalore. Steeped in values of integrity, commitment, professionalism and ethics, VA has held a steady reputation for delivering high-quality projects across various sectors. Naresh, trained as an architect at the Manipal Institute of Technology, India (B Arch 1985) later studied Project Appraisal and Risk Management at Harvard University (1995). Apart from heading the architecture practice at VA, he founded the MOD Institute, the Bangalore Agenda Task Force addressing highly relevant urban issues. His interests range from socioeconomic modelling, knowledge-sharing and communication strategies to cinema, art appreciation and popular culture. A prolific speaker, he is frequently invited to lecture at several events nationally and internationally

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