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Topic Expert

Rasya Kumar

Rasya Kumar is a recent graduate with a master's degree in Resilient and Sustainable Strategies in Architecture from KU Leuven, Belgium. Prior to this, she has worked for 3 years in India after completing her Bachelor's degree in Pune. Her approach towards architecture and design has always been minimal and in fact questions, the very need to build, which works in contradiction with her qualifications. During her studies in Belgium, with a primary intent to understand the perception of sustainability across the world. She learnt from her teachers and peers coming from over 20 different countries and would love to share her experiences with those looking forward to studying abroad.

Snippets on Rasya's Experience in Europe

'When abroad, do not stop your opportunities of learning'

"During course of the 2 year Masters program primarily based in Belgium, I took up certain opportunities owing to which I spent 2 months in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia working on a research project and 6 months in Barcelona on an exchange program. The two month fieldwork in Addis Ababa, was based on the study of Informal Marketplaces with streetscapes as the starting point. The experience inspired me to pursue the topic for my master dissertation which received the development relevance nomination from my University. I may have a chance to travel to Addis Ababa later this year to present my work to the local institution and stakeholders."