In our first AMA on the series, Writing in Architecture, Ar Apurva Bose Dutta had discussed about the importance of writing, curating and communicating in Architecture. 

Meis said, “ God lies in the details”; and as designers we are obsessed about getting every drawing and detail correct. Our writing deserves the same amount of attention. The real trouble is that not every architect is a writing professional but every architect spends a considerable amount of their professional life writing -writing synopsis to their design, communicating their ideas with formal notes and specifications of designs, emails to clients and contractors, presentations, etc. Hence, writing is inevitable. But what if you wish to make a career out of writing? What is the scope, the market, the opportunities, the threats? Get answers to these and everything about how to make Journalism in Architecture your career 

In this AMA, we have founder and Editor of publication houses, and Surfaces Reporter, Ar Rajesh Advani and Ms Vertica Dvivedi who will share their insights from the profession with aspiring journalists and writers. Our course Mentor, Darpana Athale will also be joining the session.

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    on 5th May 2019, Sunday @ 11.00 am

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Topic Experts

Rajesh Advani


Rajesh Advani, by training, is an architect and an urban designer. He founded ArchitectureLive! in 2011 with a mission to make architectural information easily accessible to people, especially end users, and to provide an equal opportunity to all architects and interior designers to showcase their work and share their views and opinions about the profession and education. Through ArchitectureLive!, Rajesh has encouraged architects and academicians across the country to engage in constructive discussions around the issues closely related to the profession and education. Many discussions over the issues like, the state of the architectural profession in India, architectural competitions, architectural internships, role of women architects, challenges with starting, running and managing an architectural practice in India and reinventing architectural education, have successfully gathered the attention of many people across India. He was recognised and awarded for his work by A3 Foundation, in the year 2013. Rajesh has also been actively engaged in design academics as visiting faculty and has conducted several workshops for students and teachers of design. His personal interests lie around urban issues like ‘Walkability’ and ‘Livability’, which were also his research topics during the masters course. He plans to further his research around these two topics soon and hopes that every city soon becomes not only livable, but also lovable.

Vertica Dvivedi


Vertica Dvivedi is an entrepreneur from New Delhi, India, into the fields of publishing, events, market research and promotions. She is the founder of WADe Asia, Asia’s 1st platform for women architects, artists and designers. A recipient of several awards, an early story about how Vertica Dvivedi started her entrepreneurial journey is published by Jack Canfield & Juhi Rai Farmania for Westland in one of the Chicken Soup series, titled ‘Passion Unstoppable’. Her life so far has been intense with griping challenges and equally delightful successes. After managing a series of personal crisis as a child and young teenager, she started working at the age of 17. Today, she is the Chief Editor of Surfaces Reporter, a special magazine dedicated to Products, Materials & Designs for Interiors & Architecture. Vertica is the proprietor of a design firm and Director of Bigsea Marcom (I) Pvt. Ltd. along with her partner Pragath Dvivedi. A first generation entrepreneur, she is a self-made person in the truest sense. Among her latest ventures, she has founded WADe ASIA, a platform for women in architecture, arts and design. Last annual event of WADe had representation from six countries, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand and India. “WADe is about giving back to the society,” she says.

Darpana Athale

Senior Instructor

Practicing design for 25years, Darpana is the Founder Director and Principal Designer at Sarvasva Designs Pvt Ltd, and Co-founder of In.Kaa, a repository for Arts, Crafts and Design of India. An avid promoter of design thinking, she has been part of setting up of the Association of Designers of India (ADI) and the Pune Design Festival, amongst other design led initiatives.She is currently consultant to the Thinkering Campus as Chief Thinking Officer. Darpana has been into Architecture Journalism since 1999, and has been an Editorial Consultant and Columnist for magazines and newspapers. And has initiated the first Architecture Journalism course in the country since 2001. Also an educator for almost two decades, Darpana has been teaching in various architecture and design + design management schools, in Mumbai and Pune. Also a passionate traveller between worlds, she weaves stories through Design, Photography, Urban Sketching and Poetry.

Who should join this AMA- Ask Me Anything?

  • Students and professionals who have an inclination towards architectural writing or communications in architecture, but have apprehensions about it

  • Architectural institutions and professionals who might want to understand the relevance of the field and why it needs to be offered as a very serious choice to students

  • For those who would want to combine their passions of architecture and writing.

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