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ISBN: 978-98-13226-97-5 / Price: Rs. 995 / Binding: Paperback / Pages: 280 Category: Social Sciences / Political Science

The Divided City contributes to the growing body of scholarly work on cities of the global South. Cities in developing countries, particularly emerging economies, are undergoing rapid urbanization and social transition. Empirically grounded to the contemporary urban situation in India, The Divided City is set in an opportune moment to assess how cities fare up to the challenge of inclusive urbanization. It highlights how the urban pathway of contemporary India departs from the goal of inclusion in multiple ways — access to energy, public services, architecture, land, infrastructure, commons, and cultural and civic spaces. It simultaneously interrogates both policy and theory with intermingling issues like informality, privatization, political economy and gender divide in the contemporary Indian city. The book argues for greater urban inclusion (social, economic and environmental) acknowledged in principle, in national and international urban policy frameworks.

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Binti Singh

Subject Expert

Dr. Binti Singh is an urban sociologist and her expertise traverse the disciplines of urban planning, policy and governance. She holds a Ph.D. (urban studies) and an M.Phil. (Planning and Development) from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay), Mumbai, India. Currently, she is engaged as an Independent Consultant with think tanks and international institutions like the National Geographic and Deakin University, Australia. She is Associate Editor of the Oxford Urbanist. She regularly contributes as a columnist to dailies and magazines like the Business World, Domus India, KNN India and smart city portals like EletsEGov. She is the author of The Divided City: Policy and Ideological Contestations in Contemporary Urban India. Her ethnographic work on Lucknow is compiled into another book titled Lucknow: Culture, Place, Branding and Activism launched in 2018. She is working on book projects with international publishers like Springer and Routledge, Taylor & Francis.