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Hardcover ISBN-10: 8193341708 ISBN-13: 978-8193341704

The book stems from the belief that education is a personal project and that we alone are responsible for our education . Often , a discussion about education becomes a discussion about teaching , but rarely about learning .Needless to say , teaching is an important aspect of education , but given the student -teacher ratios practically available anywhere in the world and the contact hours practically affordable , a lot of education becomes about learning and the seeking after knowledge , rather than about teaching and the dissemination of knowledge. Having said this ,my observation has been that as educators and as education bodies, we have failed our youth in equipping them the adequate tools for learning .One the one hand , we expect our students to outperform themselves and become creative in the production of work that maintains a cutting edge ,and keeping abreast with developments anywhere in the world ; but on the other hand ,we have been unsuccessful in presenting a clear guidance on how students may channelize their efforts to achieve that end.

Chaitaniya Karnik

Architect and Author

Chaitaniya Karnik Principal Architect & Partner Chaitaniya graduated from the Academy of Architecture and then got his Masters from UCLA. He is an architect, artist, filmmaker and studies the Rudra Veena from Ustad Mohi Baba-UD-Din Dagar. He has worked on Hollywood luxury homes in America and England and handled multiscalar projects all over the world. He brings more than 15 years of design-build experience to the table. As principal architect at White3 he is directly involved in every micro detail ranging from the building itself to the silverware and other appointments within them. He begins each design imagining the project in a specific landscape and spends sleepless nights visualizing every narrative of the project before putting a single idea down on paper. He is assiduously committed to creating places where our clients can create their histories in an environment of effortless luxury.