Designing a Cultural Center is a challenge in itself since the infrastructure juggle between accomodating multiple programs, that include leisure, commercial, and performance, in order to provide an all-inclusive hub and welcoming spaces for the public.    

The Architecture language of each cultural center varies especially in the case of Indian scenarios where the vast amalgamations of various cultures come together. This Design Studio aims to create a holistic understanding of designing cultural centers keeping in mind the Indian context and its reflection in the design thinking process.


What to expect in the sessions?

  • Introduction

    Understanding the basics of Cultural Centers especially in the Indian scenario.

  • Design Solutions

    Finding Inspiring and Efficient Design Solutions and developing form oriented design

  • Context

    Regional based case studies curated to understand designing for the Indian context.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Attendance

  • 2

    Institution designs

    • SPA Vijaywada- Shantanu Poredi

    • CCBA Projects: by Daraius Choksy, Studio Director with Christopher Benninger

  • 3

    Contextual Designs

    • Ar. Mahesh Naik on Concept, Context and Site Analysis

  • 4

    Form based designs dependent on technology

    • Sameep Padora and Vami Koticha on Technology driven forms

  • 5

    Region based Project Studies

    • Konkan: by Ar. Mangesh Jadhav

  • 6

    Auditorium Design

    • Auditorium design By Ayan Sen

  • 7

    Hunnarshala on Cultural Center

    • Aditya and Sandeep Veermani from Hunnarshala on Cultural Center

  • 8

    Ravi Sonkusare on Understanding Design Process

    • Ravi Sonkusare on understanding Design Process