About the Competition and the Guidance

India’s largest Architectural Design Competition for aspiring architects and designers is here in its 16th edition. With the intent of inspiring good ideas, this edition brings to participants the expertise and guidance of Prof Yatin Pandya.  Highlighting the importance of three-dimensional modelling and calculations to design holistically, this guidance by Prof. Yatin Pandya will make participants ask questions that aid their design process in Housing Studio and give them an edge in the Transparence competition- Architecture Category.

 Transparence 16.0 has three competition categories namely,

1. Architecture

2. Interior Design

3. Case Study (expecially for 1 & 2nd Year Students)


  • Session 1

    17th December 2021 (Friday): 8:30AM-4:30PM

  • Session 2

    20th December 2021 (Monday): 8:30AM -1:30PM

Know your Mentor

Yatin Pandya

Architect and Author

Yatin Pandya born on 6th July, 1960, is an author, activist, academician, researcher as well as the practising architect, with his firm FOOTPRINTS E.A.R.T.H. (Environment Architecture Research Technology Housing). Graduate of CEPT university, Ahmedabad he has availed Master of Architecture degree from McGill University, Montreal. Yatin has been involved with city planning, urban design, mass housing, architecture, interior design, product design as well as conservation projects. He has written over two hundred articles in National and International Journals. Several books authored by him on architecture, especially "Concepts of space in traditional Indian architecture", and "Elements of space making" have been published internationally. He has also been involved in preparing over 30 video documentaries on Architecture. He has been visiting faculty at National Institute of design and CEPT University and guest lecturer/ critic to various universities in India and abroad. He has served as thesis guide to nearly 200 Graduate, Masters and PhD students. He has lectured in over fifteen countries in over hundred fora. Yatin has won over twenty five National and International awards for architectural design, research as well as dissemination. Environmental sustainability, Socio-cultural appropriateness, Timeless aesthetics and Economic affordability are key principles of his work.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Contents and Lessons

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    • Reading Reference

    • Suggested Bibliography

  • 2

    Transparence 16.0

    • India's largest competition for budding architects and designers

    • Architecture Category brief

    • Case Study contest for 1st and 2nd Years

    • Interior Design Category brief

  • 3

    Live Session

    • Day 1: Live Session-Part 1 (Hybrid Living)

    • Day 1: Live Session- Part 2 (Mass Housing)

    • Day 1: Live Session- Part 3 (Issues and Approaches)

    • Day 1: Live Session- Part 4 (Form, Material and other factors)

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    Massing Exercise

    • Massing Demonstration and Exercise

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    • Massing Exercise