Project UDita’s self-paced online course on “Universal Design for the Built Environment: Beyond Ramps and Railings” is tailored for students, teachers, architects, and professionals of the ACED (Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Design) community.

In line with Indian law under the RPWD Act 2016- sections 40 and 44, the course underscores the crucial legal mandate of accessible design, focusing on the Universal Right to Access for individuals of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds

Engage with expert-led content, interactive videos and activities, and real-world examples that equip the learner with practical know-how around Universal Design Principles. Enrol now, to become a part of the movement to design an equitable world!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Imbibe Empathy

    Learn to put yourself in the shoes of diverse users to become a more sensitive and aware designer!

  • Acquire Knowledge

    Thorough know-how of concepts and principles of Universal Design

  • Gain Skills

    to apply Universal Design in various Design typologies

Objective of the Course

  • Spread the knowledge about Universal Design as a means to fulfil the fundamental right of Equal Access for All !

  • Play the role of a catalyst in the path of achieving an equitable world.

  • Bring Awareness in the Architecture, Construction, Engineering and Design Community about the importance of Universal Design as a mainstream approach.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the course

    • What to expect from the course?

    • Ice Breaker Session

    • Kirana Ventures

    • Activity - Inclusive Emporium: Kirana Ventures

    • Handbook: References

    • Handbook (References)

  • 2

    MODULE 01

    • Introduction to Module 1

    • Universal Design and its principles

    • Articles: Unveiling Universal Design

    • Unveiling Universal Design: Embracing Inclusivity Through Essential Principles

    • Designscape: Word Cascade - Google Form

    • Designscape: Word Cascade - Responses

    • Universal Design Trivia - Introduction

    • Universal Design Trivia

    • Inclusivity IQ: Universal Design Mastery

    • Activity: Inclusivity IQ

    • Understanding Stakeholders in Universal Design

    • Designing for Real People

    • Activity: Breaking Stereotypes

    • Understanding Disability and Diversity

    • Articles: Understanding Disability and Diversity

    • Don’t Blindside me

    • Space & Dignity Perspectives: Interactive Scenarios Quiz

    • Learners’ Forum

Who is the course for?

ACED community

The course is apt for Students, Pedagogues, Researchers, Architects and Professionals from the ACED community, equipping all levels of learners to apply Universal Design to their design and research endeavours. Join us now, to become a part of the movement to drive accessibility as a spearheading principle for an inclusive built environment!