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Topic Expert

Ar. Rohan Chavan

  • Rohan Chavan

    Rohan Chavan


    Rohan Chavan was born in Kolhapur in 1985. He graduated with First Class Distinction from The SPSMBHS College of Architecture Kolhapur in 2008. He spent much of 2008 in Charles Correas Office in Mumbai, working on urban design and institutional projects in Pune, Chennai, Toronto and Portugal. He was a part of team in Correas office that worked on the Urban design of the holy Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca and the book “A Place in the shade”- A book on Charles Correas Essays and Ideas. In 2010 he moved to Pune to work with Christopher Benninger where he was exposed to projects like IIT-Hyderabad, YMCA- Rehabilitation Centre, IIM-Udaipur, Pema Gatshel Dzong, Bhutan and Azim Premji University. A significant achievement was the Aga Khan School at Chitravad in Gujarat where he single handedly won the competition for CCBA. He started his practice in 2015 with a project called MILLK- A recreational Centre for Kids and adults. His next project was on public sanitation, the design of restrooms for women in Thane. The design acclaimed a lot of attention and is replicated in 14 different locations in Thane. This project lead to many variations on public sanitation where he along with an NGO Agasti – a sustainable toilet foundation developed several models for MTDC, Indian Railways, prototypes for village sanitation, Group Individual household toilets for slum areas etc. Currently he is working on prototypes of affordable housing in Neral, A toilet complex for truck drivers and a swimming pool complex at Malkapur.
  • Gita  Balakrishnan

    Gita Balakrishnan

    Founder & Curator, ACEDGE & Ethos

    Gita is the CEO (Chief Education Officer) of ACEDGE. An architect who sidestepped the profession to pursue her dreams of enabling and empowering young minds, Gita is the head and hands behind Ethos and ACEDGE. She passionately works with youngsters to enable them to find their full potential.
  • Vidhya  Gopal

    Vidhya Gopal

    A professional singer and an architect by education, Vidhya spearheaded Ethos Events until 2018. Music being the core of her being, she used to set the tune for quizzes, competitions and other flagship events at Ethos. She is currently exploring her passions for singing.

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