Our Objective

They say inspiration can happen anywhere and we want to hear your story that inspired you, to inspire us.

Everyone has a story, a story of aspirations, struggles, and experiences. There is a story hidden in every small corner, with so much ingenuity waiting to be expressed.

This is an opportunity for everyone to witness the greatness that is beneath the nuances of struggles, hard work and preparation. Our motive is to reach out to practices, students, contributors, to come and inspire us with their narratives that got them to where they are in order to help people collectively learn, progress and embrace their passion and explore it.


Your story. Your voice.

  • Designer's Perspective

    To share your story that helped you become a better designer, influenced your community, environment or people for a better today and tomorrow.

  • Creativity beyond the Edge

    To share your encounter with an idea, a thought or a moment that changed your perspective on design. Your eureka moment!

  • Technology and Innovation

    To share your experience of how technology helped you break boundaries, and innovate for a better world. Making a change with your masterpiece.

  • Pedagogy

    To share stories of those individuals who set aside a whole new agenda to introduce quality and distinctive methods that inspire young minds and help create a belief system of their own.

  • Allied Unconventional

    To share your journey of grit and gut, that helped you explore out of your profession and make a career out of it. The story that brought out the best version of you.

  • The Nuance

    To share stories of those individuals, who are involved in reviving lost art forms and craftsmanship in rural areas of our country that have rich culture and diversity.

  • Dexterity

    To share your story that helped you realise your gift of craftsmanship and the journey that inspired you to create, manifest and accomplish.

  • Rebel

    To share your story of how you dared to go against the conventional flow and executed a wave form that created a product of progress and quality.

  • Leadership

    To share your experience with leadership and how it helped you create opportunities to be the flag holders, in your areas of interest.

  • A story in making

    To share the journey towards your dream.

Previous Speakers

Anuj Kale


Anuj Kale is an Architect/ Urban Designer from CEPT based out of Nashik. He has been working as a web comic artist for the past 2.5 years and has been making Web-Comics about Architecture, Sustainability and Urban Design to create awareness about the particular field. Apart from making comics, his forum Leewardists’ is trying to impart parallel education in architecture through workshops, online videos and webinars. An urban designer and a storyteller, Anuj Kale started Leewardists to bring change and awareness to the dark side of the profession through narration and stories. The thought of architecture being a profession for the common man but still not practiced in a form that is understood by them, compelled him to find a formula and a methodology which reaches out to the masses. A Ted talk speaker, he has talked about how his way of conceiving anything be it about architecture or the design fraternity always has an outlook of being simple and funny, because it’s a method which envelopes a larger demographic. He applies the same ideology while imparting education as well. Having conducted almost 40 workshops across India, each workshop stays true to the methodology of simple storytelling and narratives. His larger vision and goals for Leewardists is for it to become an entity or a brand for the architecture fraternity, be it a student or a professional. He wants to keep talking about serious issues of the fraternity the non-serious way!

Vinita Kaur Chiragia

Architect I Co-founder of Studio Design Jatra

Vinita is a graduate from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. She is one of the founding members of Studio Design Jatra. Being a practicing architect working in the villages of Palghar, Thane and Raigad districts, she is interested in humanitarian work approach, relevant technologies and natural materials at the heart of her practice. A HUDCO Award for Affordable and Disaster resilient rural housing in the year 2015-16 for one of her projects proves her liking to be on site rather than behind the desk. Working in the rural sector on projects ranging from tribal houses to second homes, her love for getting the best out of natural materials with happy rural artisans is what drives her to work.

Joy Mondal

Design Computation Head at WEsearch Lab

Joy Mondal works at the intersection of design, computation and education. He is the design computation head of WEsearch lab which offers parametric design services to architecture practices. He has been involved in award winning masterplans and hospitality projects. He has taught at SPA, Delhi, and CEPT University, Ahmedabad as a visiting faculty. He is a TEDx fellow, presenting ways of democratizing architecture for everyone by using artificial intelligence to generate Residential Floor Plans for free. He graduated from Jadavpur University, during which he won multiple design competitions and a grant to investigate Climate Responsive optimization of geometries.

Saagar Tulshan

Architect - Entrepreneur

Saagar Tulshan is an architect and entrepreneur. Through the formative years of his career, he worked at Venkataramanan Associates, taking lead on design communication, architecture and urbanism; widely famed project during this stint includes the Church Street Redevelopment project in Bangalore. Saagar is the founder of an international collaborative 'The Open Box Project', exploring architecture & design through tactical urban interventions, research and outreach programmes. He is also the co-founder of Portal Frame, a location intelligence startup that creates actionable insights from urban data. A graduate from MSRIT COA, Saagar is the former vice-president of the national student body and has represented India at several architecture congregations over the years. He continues to be an active part of networks like the European Architecture Students’ Assembly. His academic work and lectures have been widely published and appreciated.

Rohan Patankar

Architect - Urbanist

Rohan Patankar is a design researcher and strategist with a background in architecture and urbanism. With his experience in trans-disciplinary research, planning, and entrepreneurship in the urban realm, he is interested in realizing the potential of design-oriented problem-solving to improve experiences in our everyday life. Rohan brings learning, experience and creative thinking to play out at different levels, by practicing being an observer and actor simultaneously. Through listening, drawing, and writing, he is often thinking about telling better stories and asking better questions about the worlds we live in. He holds a bachelors degree in architecture from SPA, Delhi and a masters degree in City Design and Social Science from LSE, London. In 2011, he co-founded Delhi Dallying, a venture to initiate conversation about the many layers of the city through walking tours and curated experiences.

Yashwant Pitkar


Prof. Pitkar was awarded the prestigious Senior fellowship in the field of photography: 2000 – 2002 for his work on ‘Photo study – Analysis of Motifs and Patterns in Mughal Architecture’ by Government of India, Ministry of Culture. He was also the chief Photographer for the Maharaja of Udaipur’s book titled ‘Jagmandir – city – within – a city’.  The books under publication based on Pitkar sirs works include ‘Romance in red stone’ based on his fellowship work and ‘Queen stepwell at Pathan’.


Approach, criteria and process

  • The opening will be through a Nomination form which allows you to either nominate yourself or nominate any another person, whose story you think the world should hear.

  • The stage is for the young designers, entrepreneurs and teachers under the age of 30, who believe their story can inspire us.

  • The presentation is a live session and will introduce us to the background of the speaker, the topic, impact and long term goals in a time frame of 15-20 minutes

Call for Nominations

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