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There is a huge difference between social distancing and social disconnection. As we are practising social distancing and each one is doing our bit to reduce the spread of this pandemic, let us stay connected and grow through collective learning. Join this talk series and stay updated with some of the best practices in the field.

Net proceeds from Architects Connect Talk series will be directed to an appropriate COVID-19 relief fund for Construction workers and daily wage labourers by Ethos.

BIM- From Design to Execution

by Vami Koticha and Sameep Padora

The work by sP+a strikes the perfect balance through sensitive designs, community participation, and deployment of technology. Vami, Aparna and Sameep are the principal architects of sP+a, a Mumbai-based architecture studio engaged in projects of multiple scales, all framed within a larger interest in history and typological research. The studio structure actively engages with research, collaborations and collective models of practice not as isolated individual formats but as symbiotic streams feeding into each other. They advocate this hybrid model as an alternative to the traditional architectural practice, believing that this enables them to respond to the specificity of the local by evolving methodologies of extreme subjectivity. Join this lecture to get a peek into their practice.

Highs and lows of High-rise

by Nilabh Nagar

Nilabh joined Architect Hafeez Contractor in 1991 and has worked on many notable projects like the Noida City Centre, Hiranandani Office Park - Mumbai, ONGC- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Richmond Park Residential Complex - Gurgaon, Atria Shopping Mall - Mumbai among many others. In this lecture Architect Nilabh Nagar will share details - technical, legal and experiential of High-rise structures in India.

The Secret Sauce for Office Designs

by Ravi Sarangan

In this lecture, Ravi Sarangan will begin when a client approaches an architect and this story proceeds with an architect’s response to client's needs, budget, site, byelaws, etc. Ravi Sarangan co-founded Edifice in 1987. Over the last three decades Edifice has risen to become one of the premier design establishments in the country offering master planning, architectural and interior design consultancy services across residential, hospitality, health, education and commercial verticals. His studio believes in anticipating and implementing market trends rather than following them. They aim to position and improve each design to realize full potential afforded by the development, in the broader context of the precinct. Join this lecture to learn about an architect's pitch to the client, site analysis, space program calculations, bye-laws and more.

Form Follows Strategy - Manifestos for Architects

by Architect Naresh Narasimhan

Naresh V Narasimhan dons many hats! He is well known for his long-term association with Venkataramanan Associates (VA), an award-winning architectural firm. What resonates when you talk to him, is his enthusiasm and his role as an urbanist, activist, and creative entrepreneur in Bangalore. Some of Naresh's most recent initiatives include Cobalt, a vibrant co-working space in central Bangalore that uses spatial and social strategies to trigger serendipity at work. Through Metaform, a multidisciplinary conceptual design firm, he's worked with municipal agencies to renew valuable markets and neighbourhoods. In this talk he will discuss and elaborate on how robust strategies can frame the outcomes. Drawing from his three-decade long practice, Naresh will share his insights on how Strategy directs Design Intent.