A Digital Pedagogical Summit

A video repository of pedagogical practices and innovative systems in design education

Have you wondered if there is a more effective way to teach design, architectural history or construction technology? Have you wished for some guidance in innovative methods in which architectural subjects can be taught? Teaching becomes effective not only by the subject knowledge of the teacher, but also through the method in which it is being taught. There is no ‘one right way’ that works for every student. That’s why we believe spreading awareness about pedagogy is crucial! Our aim is to make these experiments and innovations available for any faculty or aspiring academician to refer, from anywhere. We bring to you a video repository of pedagogical approaches in architecture and design, that can be referred to openly on YouTube and our website. You can also contribute by nominating yourself or by connecting us with any faculty or practitioner who has surpassed conventional teaching standards and changed the course of architectural pedagogy in your opinion!

Focal Themes

The videos explain some teaching philosophies, methods and tools used, and its outcomes, in general about architectural and design education. They focus pedagogical approaches in:

  • Design Process

  • Material, Construction and Technology

  • Services- HVAC, Plumbing, Acoustics, Mechanical

  • Structures - Theory and Applied

  • History, Theory and other theoretical subjects

  • Multidisciplinary approach towards two or more of these subjects combined

  • Assignments and review methods

  • Curricular innovations

  • Allied Disciplines

  • Innovations in methods of teaching architectural subjects (Online)

How to use the repository

These are to be viewed as tips that can be incorporated to make teaching more effective and not as the ultimate method.

Let's make design education more effective!

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