Course Brief

This self paced course aims at demonstrating and making learners understand the process behind documenting architecture, through viable methods of photography. Photographic recording should provide architectural and spatial documentation, an understanding of scale, context, style and elements among other information. Photography in Architecture has the potential to be used for documenting design processes, research, conservation, development purposes and even production of scaled drawings. Architectural Photography is often perceived more as a product than 'a process and a journey.' The course intends to present theoretical and practical understanding of photography as an integral part of the processes. Participants will understand ways to record spaces with varying levels of accuracy.

This self-paced course with Maniyarasan Rajendran deals with architectural photography - it's importance in documenting spaces and also explores the many tools, techniques and methods available.

Course Objectives

Key Highlights of the Course

  • Develop critical understanding of documenting and capturing architecture through photography.

  • Create an awareness regarding the effectiveness of photography in design communication.

  • To gain knowledge regarding the various methods and methodologies adapted from historical references.

Course Benefits

  • Set your own pace and start learning any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Earn a Certificate upon completion

  • Course Videos, Readings and Graded Assignments with feedback

Who Should Take This Course?

This course has been designed in such a way that anyone and everyone can join and learn

  • Architects & students who are interested in photography and believe that it can be a part of their design process.

  • Photographers who believe architecture is a sum of processes and not just a product.

  • Anyone who is interested in understanding photography as a medium of expression.

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Course Curriculum

The entire course is divided into 12 modules. Every module is divided into multiple short lectures of 7-15 minutes. Modules consist of assignments, MCQs, additional resources and an interactive interface that will enrich the student’s learning experience.

  • Module 1 Origin of images
  • Module 2 Birth of Photography
  • Module 3 Cameras, Lenses & their types
  • Module 4 Origins of Architectural Photography
  • Module 5 Basic Techniques in Photography
  • Module 6 Composition
  • Module 7 Architectural Photography
  • Module 8 Light
  • Module 9 Post Processing
  • Module 10 Visual Narratives
  • Module 11 Photo Archive
  • Module 12 Exploring other mediums

Course Mentor

Maniyarasan Rajendran
Architectural Photographer, Research Scholar | PGPD, NID Ahmedabad

Maniyarasan Rajendran, is the co-ordinator at CARE Design Cell, Trichy, working on heritage documentation and design research projects. He is a PhD Candidate at the Design Department, IIT Hyderabad. His core research area is 'Architectural documentation.’ He takes up work as an architectural photographer and a visual documentation consultant for architectural and conservation firms. He did his bachelor’s in architecture from SPA Delhi & PG in Photography Design from NID Ahmedabad, in collaboration with UCA (Farnham, UK). He attended the LLFCC Course on 'Conservation of Wall Paintings' in 2018. He explores the aspects of visual documentation, photogrammetry and technical imaging in architecture and conservation practice.

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