A virtual multi-disciplinary studio where Hunnarshala Foundation shares its School of Thought. Interact with Government officials, Villagers, Facilitators, Artisans as you develop the design.

Important details

  • Dates

    Sessions from 5 June - 10 July every Saturday 5.00-7.00 PM and Tuesday 7.00-8.00 PM.

  • Team Configuration

    A total of 5 teams will be finalised with equal representation from each discipline and experience levels.

  • Course Fee

    The fee for this 6 weeks, 12-hour online course is Rs. 2500, which you will have to pay upon selection before the course commences. Avail a scholarship and waiver of Rs 1000 too. Apply now.

Design and plan home-stays for a cluster of 8 villages in Madhya Pradesh. Meet the community and breathe the soul into the program. Learn Technology + Construction +Design from the team at Hunnarshala. Hear insights from home-stay entrepreneurs and get the chance to present your ideas to government officials. Compile the final proposal for execution. Part II of the workshop includes working on Good for Construction Drawings for the final design. Hindi literacy will be mandatory for working on construction drawings in Part II. More details for Part II will be up soon.

Who should apply?

This is a Multi Disciplinary Studio and we encourage people of all disciplines to join this co-creative experience.

  • Architects or Students of Architecture

  • Structural Engineers or Students of Structural and Civil Engineering

  • Students of Humanities and Social Sciences who would be interested in Government processes and surveys

  • Faculty of any of the above disciplines

About Hunnarshala

Hunnarshala Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in Bhuj, Gujarat, working towards sustainable habitats. 

THREE THEMES have emerged as cross-cutting for Hunnarshala for its direction and works – 

  • How people are empowered to shape their own habitats;
  • How habitat solutions can become more environmentally friendly, sustainable and disaster safe; and
  • How local artisanal knowledge and skills can deliver high-quality products.

Empower yourself with the philosophy of Hunnarshala. Your mentors on this journey will be Ar Sandeep Virmani, Director-Hunnarshala, Ar. Aditya Singh, Project Architect- Hunnarshala, and artisans associated with the organisation.


  • When will Part II of the Workshop be hosted?

    The dates of Part II will be announced after the conclusion of Part I and will depend on the efficiency and progress of the participants.

  • What is the selection criteria?

    The course participants will be chosen to ensure a mixed bag of team members. Each team would try to have a balance of participants from the field of Architecture (60%), Engineering (20%), and Social Sciences (20%). We would be creating 5 teams of 5 learners each. Participants will be chosen on a first come first serve basis and if a participant declines the offer it will pass on to the next applicant.

  • Will I get recordings of the sessions?

    Yes, recordings will be available.

  • Will I be getting a certificate?

    Yes. A certificate will be provided.

  • Will the Part II of the workshop be hands on?

    No. In light of the current pandemic, hands-on/physical workshops will not take place.

  • It is mentioned that we will be designing a proposal for homestay. What will we have to do?

    Consider this as a design studio. The client will come to you on day one to share the design brief and discuss the process. You will be familiarised with the systems and the process followed by Hunnarshala for the said project. This is a workshop on a live project and hence, the details of the same will be shared during the online classroom sessions