Learn how to manage Stress

Stress is an individual’s perception that events or circumstances have exceeded the person’s ability to cope. Some amount of stress is important for effective functioning and living a full life. But when stress exceeds productivity, mental health of an individual is compromised. This course mainly focuses on how to deal with stress, and enable your inherent strength to reclaim your power.

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Ragini Rao

Counsellor, Trainer and Therapist

A post graduate in Psychology from Delhi University, Ragini is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst(TSTA), certified by International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). She has over twenty two years of experience in this field. She runs advanced training groups for individuals wanting to become certified transactional analysts in Psychotherapy. She has conducted Transactional Analysis programs across India as well as in Singapore and Bangladesh. Ragini is the Trainer and Life Coach at Infinum Growth Insights.

Claim Your Power

A session specially for Architecture Students and Faculty

Many architecture students often fail to acknowledge stress, as they are completely preoccupied by a never ending list of submissions, meeting deadlines and studying. Consecutively, this largely hinders their creative intellect and productivity which ultimately leads into stress. And, hence the main objective behind this course is to help them understand, acknowledge and overcome stress. 

It is also very crucial for teachers and guidance counsellors who closely interact with students, to understand and comprehend the signs of stress and operate accordingly

The basic framework of the course is centered around understanding the causes of stress, bringing awareness of one's self and by empowering and expressing thoughts and beliefs to help develop a better drive in working styles. Understanding your inherent strengths and skills and using it to create action plans to reclaim power

The method to overcome stress usually happen in simple, but consistent ways. In owning your strengths and accounting for them. To practice mindfullness. In self assessment and continous practice, while investing time and effort in yourself to bring about change.

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