Hospital and Healthcare facilities

What is this Typology Special Studio about?

In the wake of the recent pandemic, healthcare infrastructure has been in the spotlight. This design studio will help you ideate on quick and efficient design solutions for healthcare and also align with the speciality of your studio. With Ar. Nandini Bazaz, we will identify different design approaches, inspire creative solutions, and encourage the incorporation of technology while addressing the issues in healthcare design.  

 If your college's AD studio intends to reimagine Spaces for Healing and wants to explore this online with other colleges and faculty across the country, do join this studio and hop on the learning journey planned by Ar. Nandini Bazaz for your college.

The collaborative studio is a unique effort to bring students, faculty and practitioners on one platform. The key features of this studio include the following,

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Know your Mentor

Nandini Bazaz

Director, Architectural services, HOSMAC

Ms Nandini Bazaz’s experience in Healthcare Architecture spans over 25 years. In her 15 years at HOSMAC, she has worked extensively on various healthcare projects, medical colleges and super speciality hospitals. She has designed over 30 lakh square feet of space and has constructively aided in clinical planning processes, creation of space programs, facility planning assistance, total architectural design; and successfully accomplished turnkey-designs for many healthcare facilities. Her contribution in imparting healthcare planning principles through various education programs to institutions in India has been helpful to students and faculty in recognizing the intensity and complexity of designing hospitals. Ms Bazaz is a member of the Council of Architecture of India and is certified by Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) as an architect. Warm and polite, Nandini goes out of her way in leaving no stone unturned in her quest for design excellence!

Tentative Schedule

This schedule will be customised to the collective schedule of the colleges on board.

Week Zero: Discussion with Faculty and Studio Mentor on creating a level playing field and initiation into the plan for the studio.

Group work: Team of 3 - Importance of Communication, Collaboration, Coordination

 Week 1: 

Session: Let’s talk Scenarios?
Live exercise: Role-playing > 10 scenarios | 2 volunteers per college | 15 roles (eg. doctor, patients, visitors, waste, architect, etc) eg. Emergency in a hospital, the routine of a resident doctor, how the practice of design functions?. etc.

Introduce the next exercise: Experiential mapping 

Pre-recording for the week: Clinical Services- Departments and functional areas, and space programs, adjacencies- DBR Design Basis Report 


Week 2:

Session: Discuss exercise (experiential mapping: at least 1 assignment from each college will be discussed live) and QnA

Introduce the next exercise: Space program and adjacencies 

Pre-recording for the week: MEP Technology, Colour coding announcement, well being, transportation technology, etc.

ACEDGE uploads in Learner’s dashboard: PDFs for reference


Week 3:
Session: explain the PDF, Unwind in the session QnA

Introduce the next exercise: One 3-min site analysis video per college/per site 

Pre-recording for the week: Importance of Context in Hospital design: Natural & Cultural 


Week 4:

Session: Play video of site analysis and discuss the strengths and opportunities

Introduce the next exercise: Conceptual planning, assimilate live images


Week 5:

ACEDGE uploads in Learner’s dashboard before the LIVE session: Systematic compilation of actual photographs of each space.

Session: Discussion- What did we miss out? What else is important in the design of a Hospital

Introduce the next exercise: rework on Conceptual planning and develop the design.


Week 6:

 Session: at least 1 assignment from each college will be discussed LIVE followed by QnA


Week 7&8:

Reviews and Discussion: ACEDGE will facilitate inter-college jury and review through its breakout rooms. (5 hours with half-hour break)


Week 9: 

Session: Representation drawings communication of the design and QnA

Discussion with Faculty: On the status and when to Host the Online final jury


Week x: (x will be determined by the design progress of the colleges)

Final Live Jury: at least 1 project from each college will be discussed LIVE (1 session of 3 hrs or 2 sessions of 1.5 hrs) 


External review:
 If the college requests for all students to be reviewed by external examiners from practice we can arrange for a review as an additional requirement.