Structures are tough but Important

Designs are only ideas until the knowledge of structure makes it executable. As architects we need to be aware of basic rule of thumbs for different types for structures and not shy away from the complexity of numbers. 

Bharath Gowda is a popular architect and structural consultant from Bangalore who is also well known for simplifying the monster of structure for students. 

Join this 2-lecture Spotlight to appreciate how the value of thorough and holistic thinking from the vantages of art, technology, environment and communication can lead to better designs. 

The second part of the Spotlight focuses on Steel Structural Systems including composite construction. Fundamental principles and structural behavior of steel buildings in withstanding gravity loads will also be discussed. 

Join now to understand the process of the design of structural steel systems and learn how to design simple steel structures.

Details of lectures

  • Structures for Architects

    Enslave Gravity! Design for Gravity is a necessary requirement for all objects that occupy space!

  • Steel Systems

    Demystify Structural Steel Systems including cantilever and long span details.

  • Date and Time

    4 Sept 2019 & 11 Sept 2019 Time: 3.00-4.30 pm

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  • You have been running away from theory of structures because you think its tough! Well, we can show you its not!

  • You understand that structural design is important but don't know how to integrate it in design process.

  • You wish to design structures with steel but don't know how.

  • You have heard of Bharath Gowda and would like to know how he designs as an architect who is also the structural designer

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • Before we begin Survey.....

    • How to use ACEDGE dashboard?

  • 2

    Module 1- Steel Structure for Architecture

    • About the Module

    • Lecture 1: Course Overview and About the Instructor

    • Presentation I Lecture 1

    • Lecture 2: Teaching Methodology

    • Presentation I Lecture 2

    • Lecture 3: Computation Design

    • Presentation I Lecture 3

    • Lecture 4: Introduction to Horizontal Structures

    • Presentation I Lecture 4

    • Lecture 5: Types of Beams

    • Presentation I Lecture 5

  • 3

    Module 2- Steel Systems

    • About the Module

    • Lecture 1: Introduction to Structural Steel

    • Presentation I Module 2: Lecture 1

    • Module 2: Lecture 2

    • Presentation I Module 2: Lecture 2

    • Lecture 3: Composite Floor and Truss System

    • Presentation I Module 2: Lecture 3

    • Lecture 4: Rigid Frame Design

    • Presentation I Module 2: Lecture 4

  • 4

    Next Steps...

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    • Papers by Bharath Gowda

    • Download References

    • Quick Survey

About the Speaker

Bharath Gowda

Structural Engineer

Bharath is an Architect/ Structural Engineer currently practicing in Bangalore, India. He has more than 20 years of experience in the Analysis, Design and Implementation of the following type of specialized structures like - Tensioned Glass Structures, Space Frame Structures, Tensioned Fabric Structures, Cable Net Structures, Other Specialty Structure, Steel Structures, Reinforce Concrete Structures

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