In Conversation

Prof B V Doshi and Prof Neelkanth Chhaya

Pritzker Laureate B V Doshi and Prof Neelkanth Chhaya shared profound ideas of holistic thinking and celebration of life through architecture. The architect may not realise it but s/he is a social servant, an environment ambassador and one of the very few professionals who gets to set the backdrop for lives of the rest of humanity. What s/he designs will be used by individuals, friends, families, associates, and crowds to comfortably perform or not perform certain tasks. What s/he designs will use natural resources (as they are or as manufactured products) and lay them on a piece of land which once hosted its own flora, fauna and ecosystem. What s/he designs will influence the way of life of not just humans but every living thing on Earth. Enroll now to hear their discussion.

In conversation: Prof B V Doshi and Prof Neelkanth Chhaya

The Pedagogical Approach 

The working meeting between the four schools is a fluid but a purposeful exploration of how four new schools of architecture are developing their studio inquiries and architectural pedagogy. 

The collaboration is based on possibilities like joint studios and exchange studios on shared themes and dissemination of key insights through academic conferences and exhibitions.

The 'Conversation' 

Professor Chhaya was the initiator of this conversation between the four schools and the purpose was to learn from peers and institutions who are at the same stage of emergence and to also see how they can reinvent architectural pedagogy.

The purpose of the conversation was to enable cross school dialogue so there is learning from beyond the schools and so that the cultures of education don't become insular.

What's next?

The exhibition Collective Imagination and Social Futures which had four interconnected exhibitions by the schools will become a travelling exhibition. There might be more collaborative studios in the future.

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