Course Outcomes

  • Understand the relevance of body experience in design of spaces.

  • Appropriate the materiality and the program into the making of a house.

  • Use the methodology to design experiential architecture of any scale.

This is an online course where individual learners can enjoy a learn-at-your-pace system. The entire course is divided into 4 modules. Every module is divided into multiple short lectures of 7-15 minutes. Modules consist of assignments, MCQs, additional resources and an interactive interface that will enrich the student’s learning experience. 

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Course Benefits

  • Earn a Certificate upon completion

  • Course Videos, Readings and Graded Assignments with feedback

  • Explore scale, proportion, light and movement to express a material.

Who should take this course?

If you find yourself saying yes to most things alongside, then this course is for you!

  • Are you tired of the visual sense overpowering designs?

  • Do you wish to explore tactile qualities of spaces?

  • Do you want to learn to communicate with materials and extract their qualities for the perfect union of form and experience?

  • Do you wish to explore spatial quality through scale, proportion, light and movement?

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Course Mentor

Mahesh Radhakrishnan

Architect, Founder - MOAD

Mahesh Radhakrishnan is an Architect and Designer based in Chennai. He is the founding partner of a small architectural practice MOAD - The Madras Office for Architects and Designers. He received his bachelor's degree from Regional Engineering College - now NIT Tiruchirappalli in 1999 and was a Research Scholar at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Germany in 2002.

His experience includes working at Adrian McGregor Associates, Sydney and Christopher Charles Benninger and Associates, Pune and CnT, Bangalore. He has been a guest critic at the University of Sydney and New South Wales and several Architectural schools across India. With interest in critically understanding city, architecture and placemaking, his work is focused on design as a creative response to context and collaboration. 

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