Fresh graduates- more often than not find themselves, in dilemma about choosing between the need to gain relevant experience as an architect, or pursue their interests through a master’s degree. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. And we all hoped for someone to provide us with relevant information and clarity in data, to help us make better choices.

Hence, we at ACEDGE are working towards making this process much easier by helping them gain access to the information that will enable them in making these decisions effortlessly.


Insights from young professionals

  • Graduate Programmes and Fellowships

    Get insights about the spectrum of graduate programmes, fellowships and scholorshipsoffered by universities around the world

  • Scope of Employment

    Understand the opportunities for employment developing in the market and the scope of various design fields abroad

  • Subject Of Study

    Get help in exploring your line of interest in architecture, and access information that will help you choose your master's programme.

  • Finances

    Get insights about the annual expenses involved with pursuing a masters course abroad, cost of living in countries etc.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Hello!

  • 2

    Establishing your Dream Career

    • Gaurav Shorey on guiding factors in choosing your subject for post-graduation study

    • Suprita Dutta on approaching your post graduation dilemma.

  • 3

    Practical Deliberations on pursuing Masters in India and Abroad

    • Rajarshi Ray on dilemma to pursue Masters in India or Abroad.

    • Parshati Dutta talks about selecting your dream course and guide to applying for Masters in college of your choice.

  • 4

    Studying Abroad

    • Shashank Jain on scope of Masters and Practice in abroad

    • Studying in Europe by Rasya Kumar

  • 5


    • Divya Manek shares her experience from the Osaka Foundation Ando Program

    • Dhriti Nadir on Young India Fellowship Liberal arts in India and Urban governance program in France

    • Domaine de Boisbuchet - Aakash Shrivastava on his journey to show how serendipity makes a career!

  • 6

    Specialisations and Courses

    • Tamalee Basu shares her journey through the less charted path of Space Architecture

    • Supriya Krishnan on Urbanism in PG and PhD

  • 7

    Compiling your Application for PG

    • Anup Gupte shares his journey as Furniture Designer from NID, Ahmedabad and discusses how to compile an effective application.

  • 8

    Allied Fields

    • Rajesh Advani- Architecture Live, Vertica Dwivedi- Surfaces Reporter, and Darpana Athale discuss the Scope of Architectural Journalism

  • 9

    Live Conference Recording

    • At Crossroad Conference - Live Session 1

    • At Crossroad Conference - Live Session 2

What you can gain?

  • Understanding the importance of a Master's degree and how it can contribute towards your career..

  • Understanding the scope of Architecture in various countries and employment opportunities!

  • Information about various Post-Graduation programmes, courses and fellowships - all across the globe!

  • Valuable insights from alumni's of various universities around the world!

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