What is this Studio about?

This year, 10 Colleges of Architecture as a part of their Studio Incentive for the participation in Saint-Gobain Transparence 17.0, come together for a collaborative studio with Ar Sanjay Prakash & Ar Mayank Mishra from SHiFt Studios for an exciting journey of shared learning! Embrace innovation and growth in this transformative experience, we can’t wait for you to come out of this studio with flying colours. The Collaborative Studio is an innovative endeavour that bridges the gap between Students, Faculty, and Practitioners through a unified online platform. With Ethos as the facilitator, this 8-week-long digital collaboration, conducted once a week, offers a unique opportunity for one student from each college to present their assignments and engage in insightful discussions with mentors. 10 Colleges of Architecture across India come together as this Collaborative Studio has been provided to them as a Studio Incentive for taking part in Saint-Gobain Transparence 18.0. Additionally, the studio introduces a dynamic Design Mela, resembling a pre-external jury, where every student receives invaluable feedback and critique from external faculties representing different colleges on board. This interactive and inclusive approach fosters unparalleled learning and growth for all participants, making it a truly transformative experience.

Powered by Saint-Gobain Transparence 18.0

The typology of the studio is open for each college to decide in accordance with the Saint-Gobain Transparence 18.0 design brief, themed as the ‘Art and Science of Building Responsibly’.

  • Public/Civic buildings

    (libraries, museums, cultural and convention centres, town halls, administrative centres etc.) that have a unique responsibility attached to them

  • Multi-unit Housing

    (apartment complexes, institutional housing, student housing, mixed-use residential complexes etc.) where housing is considered beyond shelter and tends to other means of well-being

  • Institutional buildings

    (educational campuses, research institutes, science centres, performing arts centres, hospitals, sanatoria, reformatories, etc.) that represent our responsibility to take care of each other are also the places to turn to in crises like natural disasters and mishappenings, providing safe shelter and community support

To know more about the Saint-Gobain Transparence 18.0, visit the site:

Let the outcomes of this Collaborative Studio take you to the finals of this competition and win many laurels and awards! 

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What can the students and the institute take away from this course?


Interaction and Collaboration with other colleges 

Improve NAAC score for colleges

An exclusive Lecture by Ar. Sanjay Prakash on Responsible Building

Acquaintances with other colleges across the nation for future events, student exchanges etc.
Direct mentorship from the team of ShiFt Studio known for completing 150+ projects oriented towards design for the future.

New approach to Rural documentation studio mandate under the CoA- already devised and planned by us 

Quality design results that can be submitted at various design competitions  

Studio Incentives for the entire institute by Submissions of the studio students for the Transparence 18.0 competition 

Certified Course

Outcomes of the studio are a merit to the CV and portfolio as well as a merit while applying for post graduation 

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Collaborate with Transparence

    3. Schedule for Collaborative Studio

    4. Join the WhatsApp group

    5. Join the Sessions

    1. Collab-Studio Presentation 2023

    1. Lecture by Ar. Sanjay Prakash and and Ar. Mayank Mishra on "ART AND SCIENCE OF BUILDING RESPONSIBLY"

    1. ASSIGNMENT 01: “Vision for the Project”

    2. Presenting the Vision for the Project

    1. Assignment 2- "Case Study"

    2. Case Study- Discussion

    1. Assignment 3- "Site Analysis"

    2. Site Analysis & Material Selection

About this course

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  • 22 lessons
  • 13.5 hours of video content


Sanjay Prakash

Principal, ShiFt Studio for Habitat Futures

Sanjay Prakash, B. Arch., A.I.I.A., is an architect with commitment to energy-conscious architecture, eco-friendly participation in planning, music and production design. Over the years, he has integrated all his work with the practice of new urbanism and sustainability in his professional and personal life. His area of practice and research over the last 40 yearspassive and low-energy architecture,. Under his guidance, many have developed capabilities in performing design, conceptual or management work in these areas.

Mayank Mishra

Business Head & Strategist

Mayank Mishra, B.Arch, has been associated with ShiFt for the past 16 years, Being able to simultaneously lead the varied process at ShiFt, he leads the creativem research and analytic thinking tasks while maintaining his role as a designer. Greem Building, Eco Resorts, a real estate IT park, various institutional buildings passive solar architecture, life cycle analysis are examples of Ar. Mayank's list of expertise.

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