“Your power to choose your direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest of creation.” —Stephen Covey

Architecture is a field that is guided by a strong sense of artistic inclination and an eye for detail, and both of these skill-sets can be used to your advantage in various spectrum of the art and craft industry, and one such platform is the Surface Pattern Designing.

Have you always been inclined towards art and craft? Do  you wish to make a career out of it? What is the scope, the market, the opportunities, the threats? Get answers to these and everything about how to make Surface Pattern Designing your career.

Course Details

The course aims at exploring Surface Pattern designing as a profession, and to get a clear first-hand perspective about this field and the lucrative nature of this industry, its importance, prospects and credibility. Understanding the different mediums and industries that are intertwined with surface pattern designing. The lecture will focus on enabling the creative intellect and tools required, helping you understand the different skill-sets required to pursue this as a profession. Insights about the opportunities available, and that can be created. 

The course is modeled to help you understand in brief, the concept of pattern making, how it can be used to develop a career in surface designing of textiles, handicrafts, home-ware etc. The main focus of the course is to help you tap into your artistic potential, and bring to your awareness the different tools required to make patterns and the typology of pattern making. Addressing the different challenges faced while starting off, the complexities and satisfaction that comes aligned with creating your own brand.


Sneha Jaiswal


Sneha Jaiswal is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator. She is using her skills to work for tile and product design industries currently and aspires to get into fabric industry. She has Bachelor’s in Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and has worked for 5 years in the field in Pondicherry and Chennai. She was selected to participate in Ando Program at Osaka, Japan from India in 2014. Being a craft enthusiast, she found her calling in art and crafts in the midst of her maternity break. She is working to launch her own homeware products eventually.

Course Outcome

  • Introduction to the field of Pattern Making, responsibilities and challenges, Avenues, prospects and scopes for development. Insights about content creation.

  • Understanding the skillsets aligned with this profession, research materials and mediums required to gain skills and information. Examples and ways of pattern making. The discipline and methodology that needs to be inculcated to pursue this career.

  • Awareness of the demand of the pattern making industry in the market, the different ways in which pattern making can be overlapped with other fields. How to creating your own brand and the responsibilities aligned with it

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