Architectural Pedagogy

A Road Map from Reflections

Education is not imparted simply through books or lectures. There are multiple ways to explore teaching methodologies and Prof Jayashree Deshpande has tenaciously strived to promote this multiciplity. Under the Academic wing of COA, as the Director, Prof Deshpande has conducted more than 200 Faculty Development Programs, published books, edited the refereed Journal of Council of Architecture, envisioned the NIASA awards, besides successfully launching many other initiatives and competitions.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we would be celebrating this joy of teaching. Design and Architectural Education should be such that it creates a fraternity, not just individuals, who can think of a new way forward. This is exactly what Prof. Jayashree’s initiatives for over a decade have striven to achieve- to Enable the Enablers. 

Join us on 5th Sept 2020, at 4.00 PM as Prof Jayashree Deshpande dwells on Architectural Pedagogy: A Road Map from Reflections.

About the Speaker

Jayashree Deshpande

Director, Academic Unit of Council of Architecture

Jayashree Deshpande, an architect, sociologist, educator and recipient of awards and scholarships, is also author, reviewer and presenter at national and international conferences and workshops. As Director, Academic Unit of Council of Architecture, Jayashree conducts Training Programmes, Research, Publication of books and Awards programmes for architects and students of architecture.

Invitation to all Teachers

and those Enabling Learners in Architecture.

  • Date

    5th September, 2020

  • Reflections on

    Architectural Pedagogy

  • Time

    4.00 PM IST

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