At the Creative Huddle, Ethos and ACEDGE would like to initiate young architects into appropriating their strengths and identifying their weakness to essentially nullify them through team building.

We are not identical… each one of us is unique and has our own strengths and weaknesses. One need not feel insufficient because of our weakness as we can always make complementary work companions to ensure that the team ‘whole’ is more than just the ‘sum of its individual parts’. From the perspective of Architectural education, five years are spent in realising ones strength and minimising our weaknesses. Some of you may be good at sketching and can communicate your designs very easily, but a friend may be very good at designing and poor at communicating graphically. Someone else may make horrendous designs but is exceptionally good at verbal skills and convincing. A good architectural setup strives to identify these strengths and assigns roles according to individual capability. Ironically, we are not taught team building in our colleges or in firms. Team building is more than just a few friends coming together to work; it is about complementing ones assets and project a holistic front. The proverbial bunch of sticks is stronger and better than the singular stick.

Themes for TASKS

A task may incorporate one or more of the alongside themes

  • Design and detailing

  • Execution of design

  • Communication of Ideas

  • Pedagogy

  • Ethical Dilemmas

  • Research


Gita Balakrishnan

Founder & Curator, ACEDGE & Ethos

Gita is the CEO (Chief Education Officer) of ACEDGE. An architect who sidestepped the profession to pursue her dreams of enabling and empowering young minds, Gita is the head and hands behind Ethos and ACEDGE. She passionately works with youngsters to enable them to find their full potential.


This is a call for participation in this OPEN workshop both from the Venue as well as the comforts of your homes or office

  • Date

    15th June 2019

  • Where

    Participate in the workshop from any location or join us at the Chennai Trade center, Hall-1, Nandambakkam

  • Time

    9.30 am -1.30 pm

Task Masters

Manguesh Prabhugaonkar

Task Master

Architect Manguesh R. Prabhugaonker is Chairman of The Indian Institute of Architects, Goa Chapter and prestigious Board Member – All India Education, examination Board of The Indian Institute of Architects, National Level in India. He completed his Bachelor of Architecture at Goa College of Architecture & Master of Landscape Architecture at School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi. Member of Architects Social Responsibility Board of The Indian Institute of Architects, he represented country report in Srilanka in 2017 and Tokyo 2018 recently. He has 25 years of varied experience in the fields of Architecture, Academics and Landscape Architecture Planning & Design. He is Ex Adjunct Professor and visiting faculty at Goa College of Architecture. Chairman of Real Estate and Housing committee at Goa Chamber of commerce & industry involved with the formulation of RERA regulations in Goa with a formulation of Goa housing Policy.

Azmi Wadia

Task Master

Ar. AZMI WADIA, an alumnus of CEPT University is Principal Architect at Azmi & Sarosh Wadia - Architects; Chairperson of the IIA Surat Centre and Past Chairperson of the IIID Surat Regional Chapter. Actively involved in academics for the past 25 years, she is currently adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, SCET.

Aabid Raheem

Task Master

Aabid Raheem is a Principal Architect and Urban Spatial Analyst at [ar&de], a research based architecture practice in Kerala. A post graduate of The Bartlett at University College London and a graduate from MESSOA Kuttipuram, Aabid has worked with renowned practices in India and abroad such as those of B.V.Doshi, Suhasini Aiyer, Andre Hababou and Spacelab in London. Aabid has a keen interest in academia and was the founding Head of Faculty at Avani Institute of Design, Kerala. Aabid is a recipient of IIA and IIID Awards for Architecture Writing and Design as well as the Young Designer of the year award by the Indian Architect & Builder magazine.

Ritu Deshmukh

Task Master

Ritu Deshmukh has been working as a pedagogue since the past 12 years. She has specialised in Architectural conservation and her interest lies in documentation of Indian Cities like Banaras, Udaipur, Gwalior, Srirangam. She aims to make the masses, practitioners and students of architecture aware of working for the people in humane ways and promote the traditional Indian way of building.

Mallikarjun Naralasetty

Task Master

Arjun, equipped with a B.Arch degree is a practicing architect and founded Studio MAD. He is experienced in urban development projects, institutions and campus designs namely the Aga Khan Academy, Nashik Infrastructure Development Project, Nellore Infrastructure and City Development. With equal inclination towards practice and academics, he is currently an Architect-Academician- PhD Scholar.

Shilpa Chogle Sharma

Task Master

Ar. Shilpa Sharma is an Associate Professor at Mumbai University’s IES College of Architecture. She has been both practicing and teaching in the field of architecture and design for over two decades. An avid potter, she believes in research as the basis of any design endeavour. She has submitted her doctoral thesis on the ranga mandaps of Karnataka temples.

Nagappan Annamalai

Task Master

Nagappan Annamalai is currently the Studio Head of Designqube Coimbatore. He has 11 years experience in design, execution and project management of Architectural & Interior projects both in India and Singapore. He is highly inquisitive and observant person with an eye for detail which makes him the go to person in solving design or site issues.

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