Embark on this journey to explore six typologies and their diverse mediums of expression, outcome, experience and interpretation after your registration for Transparence 15 years We begin by a note from our curator Ar Nilabh Nagar on his practice, his explorations with the six typologies and Jury expectations.

Following this, we dive into each typology one by one and share practical insights on each.

  1. Healthcare 
  2. Institution
  3. Commercial and Retail 
  4. Workplace
  5. Hospitality 
  6. Transportation

This course concludes with 10 commandments by Ar. Gita Balakrishnan on winning design competitions, follow them to the tee and improve your chances of winning!


Competition Curator

Nilabh Nagar

Architect & Curator- Transparence 15.0

Nilabh Nagar graduated from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi in 1991 and has been working with Architect Hafeez Contractor ever since. Over the years he has been in charge of diverse projects from individual Residences, Group Housing in Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Office buildings in Mumbai, Shopping Malls in Mumbai, Delhi Noida, Slum Redevelopment, totaling more than 25 million square feet He headed the work of Mumbai (T1C) and Delhi (T1D) Domestic Airport Terminals. He has been part of feasibility and concept design teams for VT Railway development and Mumbai Airport Master plan. He completed Turbhe Railway station in Navi Mumbai. He is the team leader in charge of 15 Metro stations developments in Pune. He has recently completed 3 Platinum Green rated buildings and interiors in BKC, Dehradun and Delhi with about a million sft, along with super luxury 260 room Luxury hotel Taj Santcruz. The ongoing projects include Group Housing, 1.5 million Sft, Retail mall Noida, IT park- 4million sft, Mixed use in Kathmandu and Affordable PMAY Housing of 75000 units in Navi Mumbai. A 500 bed Cancer and Eye Hospital, 200 key Hotels, Ongoing Master Planning for a 150 acre SEZ in Mumbai, 1800 acres township in NCR & a 60 acre mixed use development in Nagpur.

Transparence 15 Years

Typologies range from Healthcare, Institution, Commercial and Retail, Workplace, Hospitality to Transportation.

Transparence is India’s largest Architectural Design Competition brought to you by Saint-Gobain Glass India and ably supported by Ethos. Let us celebrate the 15th Edition of Transparence by acknowledging the larger role of encouraging sensitive designs for our built public realm. This landmark edition revisits some of the past themes of Transparence that looked at architecture and spaces that are open to the public at large with an aim to design for public health and well-being. Participants may pick any one of the following building typologies: Healthcare, Institution, Commercial and Retail, Workplace, Hospitality, Transportation.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Curatorial Note

    • Transparence-15.0 Brief

    • Curatorial address by Ar Nilabh Nagar

    • Panel discussion on Well-build and Transparence 15.0

    • Additional insights from the Panelists

    • Ask- Me- Anything with Nilabh Nagar

  • 2

    Know your typology!

    • SPA Vijaywada by Shantanu Poredi - Glass Academy's Enlightened Spaces

    • Past Winners and Design Briefs: Institutions

    • Design of Hospitals by Nandini Bazaz- - Glass Academy's Enlightened Spaces

    • Past Winners and Design Briefs: Healing Spaces

    • Office designs by Bimal Khachroo- Glass Academy's Enlightened Spaces

    • Past Winners and Design Briefs: Business Plan

    • Sustainable Tourism and Eco-Friendly resorts by Mayank Mishra, ShiFT Studio, Delhi

    • Past Winners and Design Briefs: Recreation

    • Design of Railway Stations by Amit Gupta, Studio Symbiosis- Curator Transparence 14.0

    • Past Winners and Design Briefs: Railport

  • 3

    Holistic practices from Acedge Knowledge Society

    • Simplifying Site Planning

    • Understanding Urban Concepts and Utopias

    • The power of People Centric Design

    • Understanding the Economics of Sustainable Development and Green Building

  • 4

    Get an Edge!

    • 10 Commandments by Gita Balakrishnan

    • Speak through your work