Universal Designs

Making accessible design accessible to everyone

While the concept of universal access is rapidly gaining momentum in the public consciousness, its implementation and ground reality is in dire need of our immediate empathy and action. Universal Design refers to the design and creation of environments that can be used by people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds without the need for adaptation or specialised accommodations. It emphasises on creating spaces, technologies, and products that are accessible, user-friendly, and beneficial to everyone. 

Project UDita

Universal Design is the answer

UDita means an awakening in many Indian languages. 

Project UDita (Universal Design is the answer) is brought to you by Mphasis F1 Foundation &  AVAS and Ethos

Along with Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune and School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal

 has joined hands as the Knowledge Partner.

Project UDita is envisioned as an avenue to unite academics, students, and professionals from the ACED industry towards the cause of inculcating the practice of inclusivity in our design projects. 

Project UDita’s approaches

  • Project Awareness

    Project awareness focusses on spreading the word through Walk for Arcause between Chennai and Bangalore (in person) and Social Walkathons with common people, architects, designers, NGOs etc. (in person)

  • Project Education

    Project Education informs through the Faculty Development Program (online), the Collaborative Studio (online), the Online Self-paced course (online) and Presentations to school students (in person)

  • Project Ideation

    Project Ideation recognises good works by announcing Awards for good practices in field & academics (online) as well as reaching out with Call for Ideas (online)

Faculty Development Programme

Integrating Inclusive Approaches and Universal Design in Architectural Teaching and Learning Processes

A 3-day online Faculty Development Program has been planned under the Project Education approach on 14th, 25th and 26th July 2023 for teachers of architectural colleges across India.


  • Dates

    14th, 25th and 26th July 2023

  • 17

    National and International experts

  • 40

    Colleges across India

Course Objective

By attending the Faculty Development Programme, the participants should be able to achieve the following

1. Become sensitive to the idea of Universal Design

2. Understand the all-pervasive nature of Universal Design

3. Implement the ideas/learnings of Universal Design across various subjects in their respective colleges and not just the Architectural Design Studio

4. Share easy tangible tools with their students so they revert back with data that feeds into implementation later.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • The Handbook for UDita FDP

    • Zoom meeting details

  • 2

    Trivia and Inspiration!

    • Quiz time!

    • Activity time!

    • References

  • 3

    Day 01: Sensitisation (09.30 AM - 12.50 PM IST)

    • Scale and Inclusivity in Design Practice

    • Designing for Real People_1_ Azeesh-Visual Impairment

    • Designing for Real People_2_ Ravi-Hearing Impairment

    • Designing for Real People_3_ Aditya-Intellectual Disability

    • Designing for Real People_4_ Bhavna -Cerebal Palsy

    • Designing for real people_5_ Hari-Multiple Disabilities

    • Designing for Real Dimensions_Accessible Places

    • Designing for Real Dimensions_Family Toilet

  • 4


    • Assignment pdf and Explanation

    • हाथ थाम चलो | Journaling Assignment / Optional

    • Building empathy through narratives: Portrayal of disability in cinema and learnings for designers / Optional

    • Design an Inclusive Brief/ Mandatory Assignment

    • Break assignment details

  • 5

    Day 02: Bringing Universal Design to the Studio (09.30 AM - 04.15 PM IST)

    • Connecting the dots – How to look at Subjects Taught in Colleges through the Universal Design

    • Applying Universal Design : Delhi Museum and Lollapalooza

    • Academic Engagements in Universal Design

    • Practice of Teaching for Holistic Solutions- Sustainability, Inclusivity and Other Lenses

    • Accessibility: A Pending Subject in University Education

  • 6

    Day 03: A World View on Universal Design (09.30 AM - 03.45 PM IST)

    • Tools, Legality, Guidelines for a UD Sensitive Design Project - Projects as Case Study

    • Universal Design - The Legalities and Policies

    • Spaces that Empower and Those That Don't

    • Integrating Universal Design in the Design Process of Transportation Planning - Assessment and Public Participation.

    • Enabling Environments- Aligning Project briefs to context- urban and rural approach

  • 7

    Compulsory Assignment!

    • Design a Brief for your studio

  • 8

    Get Certificate

    • Submit your Feedback

    • How to get your Certificate?

    • Congratulations!!!!

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