Viraasat Student Design Competition

Lighting up Our Heritage

Illuminating heritage structures is a recognised manner to highlight our historical treasures in a landscape, neighbourhood, village or even a city. Lighting accentuates architecture and highlights the identity of a place. Lighting should be one of the ways to express cultural, historical and visual importance of heritage buildings.

Heritage connects the past and present of a settlement and can play a significant role in contemporary times. A well-lit heritage structure can potentially generate night tourism, ensure safety on streets, encourage community bonding and cultural events.

The safer and welcoming a city feels, the more its residents and visitors will enjoy it. Lighting creates exciting spaces that people want to spend time in - eating, drinking and taking in the sights. Using beautiful, energy-efficient lighting to creative vibrant social spaces can also have a dramatic effect on a city’s reputation. It enhances tourism and nightlife, generating valuable income for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. So, the city becomes a more attractive destination for people and businesses. An investment in lighting practically pays for itself!

By altering the urban landscape, the relationship between the residents and their city can be redefined and their living environment enhanced.


Imbibe the insights by experts for a Competitive edge!

The competition registrants get a unique opportunity to get turorials on the basics of lighting, lighting design and revitalisation of heritage structures by experts through ACEDGE. The competition is not only about simply illuminating heritage structures but aims at curating lighting schemes that enhance the character of the building, its different architectural elements as well as its immediate context.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    About the competition...
    • Welcome to ACEGDE!
    • Viraasat- Lighting up Our Heritage Design Brief
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Viraasat STAGE 1: Submission
    • Submission Guidelines
    • Submission Tutorial
    • STAGE 1: Submission
    • STAGE 1: Monuments Selected
  • 3
    Theory of Lighting
    • Lighting terminology
    • Lighting Calculations
    • Luminous flux
    • Luminous intensity
    • Illuminance and Luminance
    • Colour rendering
    • Colour temperature
    • Additive Colour Mixing
  • 4
    Lighting Sources
    • Electromagnetic waves
    • Sources to generate light
    • Incandescent and Halogen
    • LED: Light emiting diode
  • 5
    Lighting Design Principles
    • Lighting design principles PART 1: Why new principles
    • Lighting design principles PART 2: New light effects
    • Lighting design principles PART 3: New principles of lighting design
  • 6
    Lighting Applications
    • Lighting Applications- Office
    • Lighting Applications- Supermarket
    • System- What is Architectural Lighting?
  • 7
    Next Gen Architectural Lighting
    • Next-generation architectural lighting (part 1)
    • Next-generation architectural lighting (part 2)
    • Next-generation architectural lighting (part 3)