An experiential course focussing on theoretical and practical knowledge of writing in architecture

(Copyright of Course Structure and Content: Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta)

Research has indicated an underlying link between writing and architecture and design. In architecture and design, creating narratives can equate to conceptualising stories in writing, while the aspect of structures, aesthetics, and redesigning can correspond to the usage of words and phrases, expressions, and editing. One can also equate the power of philosophies in architecture to that of literature. The art and craft of writing though a lonely process, when performed for the discipline of architectural design, becomes a stimulating one that articulates design and its impressions, drives architectural discourses, educates and builds opinions in academia, practice, media, and society.

This course will build on comprehending architectural design writing in India and globally and dwell into its multi-faceted impact, numerous operative mediums, typical genres, and mandates, styles, and structures that govern it. 

This will be done through a series of 

    theoretical lectures, knowledge-sharing talks, 

    interactive sessions, readings, 

    individual practical assignment with mentor's feedback

Course Outcomes

  • Knowledge

    Enhance your understanding of the subject, discipline, and profession of architectural writing

  • Skills

    Up-skill to express with clarity and learn more about research, structure, interpretation, and communication in architectural writing

  • Learn basic fundamentals

    Understand impact, goals, mandates, genres, styles, and approaches to architectural writing


Apurva Bose Dutta
Author and Mentor

Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta  (B.Arch, India; Diploma in freelance journalism, UK)  is a Bengaluru-based author, award-winning architectural journalist, curator, and editor, with 17+ years of global collaborations with multimedia publication houses, firms, organisations, and institutions affiliated with architecture, design, and building. She is passionate about writing, curating architecture-design content and discourses for diverse communication channels, professional speaking, offering training initiatives in architectural writing, and consulting for academic and professional platforms.

Apurva has been recognised for her pioneering work in architecture design writing and focussing on increasing the subject’s visibility in India. She has been invited by the Australian and Finland Governments to represent the Indian delegation in International Media Visits of Architectural Writers in Melbourne (2016) and Helsinki (2018). Author of ARCHITECTURAL VOICES OF INDIA: A Blend of Contemporary and Traditional Ethos (2017, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK), Apurva, is widely published. She is a member of the committee overseeing the media endeavours of the Council of Architecture of India and an advisory board member for the official journal of ARCASIA.  She has recently been conferred the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) Young Architect Award 2021 – Karnataka Chapter.

Explore the domain of Architectural writing

Limited Seats | Course will be conducted in English

Course Fee: 5700 INR for Professionals | 5200 INR For Students (Currently pursuing Bachelors)

Who should take this course?

  • People with an architecture/design/planning background with an inclination to integrate architectural design and writing.

  • Students of Architecture/Design/Planning

  • Faculty of Architecture/Design/Planning

  • Young and Practicing established Architects/Designers/Planners

  • People with a media background who are passionate about writing on architecture, design, and the built environment

Course Outline

Dates: 13th November - 17th December 2022

The course constitutes 6 sessions of 2.5 hours. A total of 15 contact hours of interaction and learning.

Session 1: 13th November 2022, Sunday 
Time: 10:30 - 13:00 IST

  • Lecture: Introductions & Course Overview 
  • Lecture: Introduction to Architectural Writing and its Global History
  • Lecture: Reflections on Architectural Journalism, Architectural Criticism, and Architectural Communications 
  • Interactive Session: Q&A
  • Lecture: Mediums/Avenues for Architectural Writing 
  • Lecture: Relevance/Work Opportunities/Expanse of Architectural Writing 
  • Lecture: Present Status of the Profession & Kickstarting a Career 
  • Interactive Session: Q&A
  • Introduction to Exercise 1 (Reading/Research)

Session 2:  19th November 2022, Saturday
Time: 17:30 - 20:00 IST

  • Interactive Session on Exercise 1
  • Lecture: Main Goals, Principles, and Mandates for Writing
  • Interactive Session: Q&A
  • Lecture: Different Genres in Architectural Writing: Developing Concept, Framework, Approach, and Methodology
  • Interactive Session: Q&A
  • Introduction to Exercise 2 (Reading/Research)

Session 3: 26th November 2022, Saturday 
Time: 17:30 - 20:00 IST 

  • Interactive Session on Exercise 2
  • Lecture: Styles in Architectural Writing 
  • Interactive Session: Q&A
  • Lecture: Methodology of Writing: Structure, Language, Vocabulary, Grammar
  • Interactive Session: Q&A
  • Introduction to Exercise 3 (Reading)
  • Introduction to Assignment (Writing)

Submission Date: 6th December 2022
Each submission will get individual feedback from the mentor by the 15th of December.

Session 4: 3rd December 2022, Saturday
Time: 17:30 - 20:00 IST

  • Lecture: Writing for Diverse Mediums: Commercial Publications, Academia, Practice, Society 
  • Interactive Session (Exercise 3):  Selected pieces of writing: Analysis of Approach, Methodology, Ideas, Style, Expression
  • Lecture: Case Studies: Application of aforementioned Theoretical Concepts towards Book Writing 
  • Interactive Session: Q&A
  • Introduction to Exercise 4 (Reading) 

Session 5: 10th December 2022, Saturday

Time: 17:30 -20:00 IST 

  • Interactive Session: Process/Challenges/Learning during Assignments 
  • Lecture: Common Errors in Writing
  • Interactive Session (Exercise 4):  Diverse Reflections on Architectural Writing
  • Interactive Session: Q&A

Session 6: 17th December 2022, Saturday
Time: 17:30 - 20:00 IST 

  • Lecture: Mentor’s collective feedback on the assignments 
  • Lecture: Discussion on selected assignments 
  • Interactive session on Assignments 
  • Interactive session:  Q&A and Takeaways from the Course
  •  Conclusion


  • What prior information/knowledge do I need to have about architecture writing to join the course?

    In case you are from an architecture background, an inclination towards architecture writing, and an interest, if not experience in writing, will be ideal. For those from the media background, a basic understanding, interest and knowledge about architecture and the built environment will be preferred.

  • For which year architecture students is this course best suited?

    Architecture writing is a relatively new field; hence, the course has been structured to suit all years and all levels of experience.

  • Can I submit my assignment in any language other than English?

    The mentor will be providing individual feedback to each assignment; hence, English will be the only permitted language in which assignments will have to be sent.

  • What is the difference between Exercises and Assignment?

    Exercises will be focussed on reading and research, whereas the assignment will be a written piece.

  • How much time will I have to devote to exercises and the assignment. Will they be done individually or in groups?

    The course will have four exercises focussed on reading and researching, which, along with the course knowledge, will be implemented in a single writing assignment. The exercises should take 3-4 hours per week. Participants will get ten days to submit their assignment. All will be individual exercises and assignments.

  • Will the assignment be accepted past the deadline?

    The mentor will need to review assignments and provide feedback within the course timelines; Hence, the assignment will not be accepted after the deadline.

  • If I miss a session, will I get to see the recorded lecture?

    The lectures will be conducted live; there will be no recordings that will be shared, or permitted.

  • Is the course fee non-refundable?

    The course fee is non-refundable.

Testimonials >>

Swipe to see what learners had to say about this course.

“This was my first online course, and what a pertinent time to start! The course content of Architectural Writing is very relevant and undermined in Architectural Schools and Practice in South Africa. Being the only student outside of India, I felt very welcome! The content exposed me to the essential tools for a budding writer and the enthusiasm of both the mentor, Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta, the ACEDGE team, and the other students, was inspiring and humbling. Thank you, Apurva Ma’am, for the great opportunity to learn from you, and especially for your commitment and passion!”

Garryn Stephens, Postgraduate student, University of Cape Town, South Africa (BATCH 1)

“Absolutely loved this course! This course was a source of concentrated information about Architectural Journalism that would be very difficult to otherwise find. It was perfectly structured, ensuring that we knew about certain topics before we moved on to learn about others. Very precise information was given at the correct lesson, which ensured a smooth understanding and a great learning curve. Exercises and assignments were also structured that way making it very comfortable for us to follow and go through the course. Apurva ma’am is such an amazing teacher, extremely humble and patient. She would answer every single question that was raised even though sometimes we went past our scheduled time slots. The course is also a great example of Apurva ma’am passion – she made sure each of us felt at ease; it almost felt like the course was personally structured for me! Even through the week, if we had any doubts, she was available (through Ankita)! I have learnt a lot more than I had initially hoped for from this course, and I am very glad I joined the course. If anyone needs a push or that last nudge to get enrolled, consider this as it! ”

Naomi Mathew Vettath, Architect at HCP Interior Design, Ahmedabad (BATCH 1)

“I am extremely grateful to Apurva ma’am and the ACEDGE team for giving us the opportunity to take writing forward in a professional way. This is not just an interest-based course, it may also allow some to find a spin-off career while being in the same field. The knowledge shared by the mentor is perfect for a learner who may be at any stage of writing. It is appropriately informative for a new learner as well as helpful for someone who may already be a writer. It is a complete course in itself. The best part about it was how open-ended every session was and how the mentor has let us be free to choose whatever path we wish to as per our liking. I would definitely recommend this course to others!”

Alisha Jacob, Architect at Architect Hafeez Contractor, Mumbai (BATCH 2)

“Taking this course was definitely the best experience I had during this lockdown. It exceeded my expectations. Not only was it very well organized, didactic and easy to follow, but it opened my mind towards Indian architecture and made me believe there was a future in pursuing this amazing discipline as an actual career. I can’t put into words how thankful I am to Apurva and the whole ACEDGE team for this wonderful experience.”

Constanza Bianco, Student, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina (Batch 2)

“The course was brilliantly structured and a perfectly balanced one, streamlined towards architecture and yet open to have your own style; very precise yet left room for conversation. I loved the structure of the course and the access to the available material about it. I am in awe of Apurva Ma’am’s patience while teaching, she is never out of spirit. Ma’am’s involvement towards the learners is incredible. She remembers everyone and gives a detailed hearing to every learner. The diversity in the batch brings a number of perspectives on the floor without any obstruction! More than the structure of the course, it was ma’am’s energy that made the course more vibrant and gripping.”

Ayushi Motiwalla, Architect at Grassrooted (by Ar. Ayushi Motiwalla), Mumbai (BATCH2)

“I feel this course has broadened my understanding of architectural journalism, which previously was limited only to architectural magazines. After this course, I aligned myself with the other various scopes and spectrums, only to be bedazzled by the enormous volume of work journalism has to offer. Apurva ma’am is extremely helpful and provides personalized attention to each assignment. Being at the position she is in, she is extremely humble and repeats things until we understand which is creditable, as those things are just like a walk in the park for her. Thank you ma’am for guiding us through this journey of writing. It was a very fun and insightful course, fascinating and quite different, unlike the monotonous lectures we are used to. The discussion part also opened up new thinking avenues and brought both sides of the coin in light. Thank you so much for your effective communication and high level of patience. The coordinators of this course, Isha and Shruti, are extremely helpful and polite, and solve all your doubts, basic to complex, regarding the course. This was indeed a fun journey and would miss it every single Saturday”

Ruchika Deshpande, Recent Graduate (2020) from Aayojan School of Architecture and Design, Maharashtra (BATCH 3)

“This is a great course—very well designed, and is really required for the development of the architecture sector, especially in countries like India!”

Neelam Manjunath, Founder – Manasaram Architects, Bengaluru (BATCH 3)

“A well-structured, concise, and precise course. This course has been for me an open-mindedness in writing related to the architectural field. Above all, the lucidity shown by Ar. Apurva in the interactive phase of the questions and answers is appreciated. For an aspiring researcher like me, this class has made me more confident. Many thanks to Ar. Apurva and the ACEDGE team in the success of such a course.”

Abdou Latifou Alassane, Practising Architect, New York (BATCH 4)

“The course was very helpful in bringing more confidence towards writing about architecture. The extremely methodical structure of curation brought a lot of clarity in understanding the bigger picture in architectural writing as well as the details and nuances involved. The references shared along the way are no less than treasures. My heartfelt gratitude to Apurva for being an amazing mentor who facilitated and enabled our own paths and interests to shine alongside sharing her own thoughts and experiences through the course. Thank you Apurva and Team Acedge for this enriching opportunity!”

Rama Raghavan, Asst. Prof, Brick School of Architecture, Pune (BATCH 5)

“I had the privilege to learn writing skills from one of the best architectural writers in India. Apurva Ma’am’s knowledge and experience in architectural writing enabled me to think and write about architecture in a methodological way. Throughout the course, the interactive sessions and discussions built the collective learning environment. The assignment and reading sources exposed me to various types of writing in detail. Didn’t realize how the 6 weeks course passed by in time. I would definitely recommend the course to fellow academicians, students and practising architects.”

Krunal Upadhyay, Principal architect at Charcoal Hues Design Studio and Asst. Prof. Vidyamandir College of Architecture, Surat (BATCH 5)

“The Writing/s in Architecture course should be made a mandate in the syllabus. It has made me realise how ignorant we have been towards reading and writing in our profession. It has changed my perspective towards writing and made me realise there are various ways of writing and how we can choose from them basis our tastes and interests. It has also thrown light on the formalisation required in writing. This course has given me enough to make me think of writing as a professional and make a career out of it. Apurva has structured the course in such a beautiful way, I wish it went on for longer!”

Amit Devale, Architect, Urban Design Research Institute, Mumbai (BATCH 10)

“The course was very intelligently curated. The vast and intense curriculum was broken down into smaller parts, deciphered and presented in a simple yet elaborate manner. The references and reading material were extensive and well-curated. I liked how intensive the course was, and I truly appreciate the tips, pointers and references we received in each session. I learnt a lot about formal writing, which has given me the confidence to go ahead and pursue it further.”

Prajakta Chakravarty, Principal Architect, Green Mango Design, and Associate Prof, SMEF Brick School of Architecture, Pune (BATCH 10)

“As an experienced practitioner looking to pivot into academics, I was initially unsure if the course suited me. However, I was thrilled to see a batch of varied age groups and experience levels. The diversity, in fact, helped me learn from others and offered perspective. The reading material was well curated to challenge advanced readers and spike curiosity amongst a younger audience. The course was structured well, conducted seamlessly, and encouraged participation. The assignment was the most exciting part, as it was a true test of the effectiveness of the course. Working on it really helped me subconsciously imbibe the teachings of the program. One-on-one mentorship with an esteemed instructor was very valuable, and getting personalised feedback on the assignment was the icing on the cake. It really helped me evaluate my course of action and was a clear guide towards improvement.”

Shradha Godya, Architect, Mumbai (BATCH 10)

More Testimonials

  • Parul Zaveri, CoFounder, Abhikram, Ahmedabad (Batch 7)

    Apurva is an excellent teacher who puts her heart into it. She can encourage students with the right kind of feedbacks that can only help one to get better. I learnt a lot from her and am looking forward to a course focusing on writing books on architecture. Thank you, Acedge for starting such on-line courses that were required since long. Thank you Apurva.

  • Anita Dharmapal, Principal and Professor at Sir M V School of Architecture, Bengaluru (Batch 8)

    This is definitely a one-of-a-kind comprehensive crash course in architectural writing by Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta. It is a “MUST DO” for all architects interested in pursuing architectural writing. This short course is very well structured for a young student, the budding architect and the busy professional, with Apurva being a wealth of information on the subject. Thank you, Apurva, for making the sessions very slick, informative and interesting.

  • Juulia Kauste, Founder, Sky Shore, Finland (Batch 7)

    Thank you for an excellent course! It was really a pleasure to be part of the course and to learn from you as well as from the other learners. The course was very well organized and the course readings provided a great variety of different types of writings in architecture. For me personally, the course renewed my faith in the relevance and importance of writing about architecture. It also helped me to reflect on how I would best like to contribute through using writing as a medium. I really appreciate the work that you are doing in the field!

  • Pandurangaa Gautam, Student, Acharya Institute, Bengaluru (Batch 6)

    It was an overwhelming experience for me. The course is power-packed knowledge. I am feeling blessed having been mentored by Apurva Ma’am. Having experience over a decade, I feel she is a walking library of knowledge in the architecture field. If I need to give a one-liner about mam, “If at all we see architectural writing as a destination, Apurva Ma’am is the map for it”. Such intense was her guidance. Thank you, Apurva Ma’am, and thank you, Acedge team.

  • Sarojini Lohot, Faculty Member, Pillai College of Architecture New Panvel, Navi Mumbai (Batch 9)

    The course with Apurva Ma’am as a tutor has been a great experience. She has an amazing way of breaking things down, so they are understandable, always keeping it light and fun. Her lessons were engaging and useful.

  • Mrudula Tatavarthi, Program Manager, Jugaadopolis, New Delhi (Batch 9)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was a well-structured course with lectures and reading that gave insight into the subject matter and industry and practical knowledge to pursue architectural writing as a profession. The discussions were interesting to follow, the lectures were interactive, and the reading material gave me an insight into the industry, which I appreciate. Apurva ma’am was very patient and kind in answering questions and taking all points into account.

Header Image Courtesy : Sketch by Ar. Shruthi Shetty; Published in JIIA, Aug 2013 - edited by Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta